15 Romantic road trips from Pune: Best Weekend drives

Being situated at a vantage point of tourists zone in Maharastra, Pune is an ideal city for road trips and long drives. Pune offers a plethora of choices when it comes to road trips from Pune. Those could be sea beaches, drive through the reserve forests, drive to forts around Pune or even road trips to religious places. Here are the list of places that we have prepared for the road trip from Pune which also are romantic weekend gateways where you can spend sometime on weekends and drive back to pune.

1. Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 70 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

lonavala pune mumbai expressway

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Lonavala is one of the most famous hill stations in Pune often combined with Khandala. Drive to Lonavala from Pune is a combination of thrilling driving experience and beautiful nature along the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The journey to Lonavala is not complete without many places of interests around Lonavala. It will surely take you one day to visit all those places around. If you want to stay, there are many hill resorts around Lonavala where you can spend your night.

Places of interest around Lonavala:

  • Lonavala lake (1.5 kms)
  • Rajmachi point
  • Valvan dam
  • Karla caves
  • Lohagad fort
  • Bhushi dam

2. Mahabaleshwar

Distance from Pune: 125 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: South-west


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Situated at almost 4400 feet, Mahabaleshwar is known as Hindu pilgrimage as well as hill station. This beautiful city located almost in the center of Koyna wildlife sanctuary was summer capital of Bombay province of British India. Last 50 kms of drive is very scenic crossing through places like wai, panchghani etc. After Panchghani, the road crosses through the Koyna wildlife santuary and the vehicle climbs up the reserve forest. That part of drive is really beautiful. Famous for popular holiday resorts and honeymoon spots, you can prolong your trip and take one day rest before returning to Pune.

Places of interest around Mahabaleshwar:

  • Arthur’s seat
  • Needle hole point
  • Wilson point
  • 3 monkey point
  • Krishnabai temple
  • Pratapgad

3. Shirdi

Distance from Pune: 200 Kms
Duration: Two days
Direction from Pune: North east

shirdi temple at night

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Shirdi is mainly famous for sai baba temple. Also the drive to Shirdi crosses through some of the busiest highways in Maharastra. But if you are planning a trip with your parents in your car, Shirdi is a must place.

4.  Alibag

Distance from Pune: 150 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

Alibag Fort

Source: Wikipedia

If not known to you, then Alibag is famous for weekend home and sea facing bunglows of rich and famous personality from Mumbai including Tata, Godrej, Raymond, Sachin Tendulkar, Ravi Shastri etc. Besides this, Alibag is also famous for mangoes, coconut gardens and long spread and peaceful beaches. Culturally and ethnically, Alibag is also famous for Jewish community. You can still experience the Jewish culture through the old streets of Alibag. Also Alibag houses a lot of medieval forts and old and new naval bases from the times of Shivaji to modern Indian naval system. Driving to Alibag is half way on Pune-Mumbai expressway so, overall it takes lesser time than we expect to reach to Alibag from Pune.

Places of interest around Alibag:

  • Alibag beach and fort
  • Khanderi and Underi islands
  • Beaches: Varsoli, Akshi, Nagaon
  • Mandawa beach
  • Kulaba fort
  • Kanakesgwar temple

5. Matheran

Distance from Pune: 120 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: North West

Matheran railway

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Matheran is best known for being the smallest hill station in India. Half of the drive to Matheran from Pune is over Pune-Mumbai expressway. So, definately it reduces the overall driving time. After Lonavala, the drive is mostly amid the reserve forest. So, it can be said that the whole road trip is eye candy until Matheran. Culturally, one can still experience the Parsian lifestyle and old British architecture in Matheran. Enroute, there will be many Panoramic view points where you would want to park you vehicle and take pictures of the valley and hills. Besides these all, Matheran is also famous for a lot of view points offering views of ranges of hills and spectacular nature scenary. Do not forget to take a ride in the Matheran hill railway.

Places of Interest around Matheran:

  • Louisa point
  • Monkey point
  • Matheran Hill railway/ Toy train
  • Pisharnath mahadev Mandir
  • Chowk point
  • And, many points around Matheran

6. Mulshi

Distance from Pune: 50 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

Mulshi Lake

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Mulshi is famous for Mulshi dam over Mula river in Mulshi valley. Though lesser known than other tourist spots, Mulshi offers a breathtaking view from the Mulshi dam. One can also drive along the Mulshi-Paud road which runs along the Mulshi dam. There are a lot of cafes and even hotels around. Just sit, relax and sip hot tea before you drive back to bangalore.

7. Lavasa

Distance from Pune: 60 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West


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Lavasa came into limelight after it became famous for first private planned city on hill station. Stylistically, this city is based on Italian architecural town of Portofino. People those who have visited this city find the Lavasa’s resemblance with the Italian city of Portofino like terraced houses, parallel streets, window opening into streets, colorful houses and wooden architectures etc. However, currently the construction of the whole city has been halted due to some environmental violation. If you want to take a feel of luxurious and flambuoyant Italian architecture or if you aspire for some nice architectural house design and location, you should surely visit this town. Apart from these, there are a lot of water sports facilities along Mutha river, a river beside which this beautiful city is located. You can also get a lot of western cuisines around the town.

Places of Interest around Lavasa:

  • Lavasa Lakeshore watersports
  • Boating in Mutha river

8. Kamshet

Distance from Pune: 50 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

 kamshet paragliding

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Kamshet has recently gained popularity because of adventure sports organized in this place. The drive is surely a very short drive from Pune. However, you are looking for some fun based adventure like paragliding, trekking, cave exploration, Kamshet is a perfect for couples seeeking these things.

9. Khandala

Distance from Pune: 70 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West


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Khandala is said to be the twin hill station of Lonavala. These two hill stations are not so apart from each other. Khandala also became famous from the song “Aati kya Khandala” from Movie Ghulam. Khandala road trip goes along Pune-mumbai expressway. Khandala is mainly famous for breathtaking views of western Ghats from many view points. People from Pune and Mumbai often go there on weekends drive.

Points of interest around Khandala:

  • Tiger’s leap
  • Amrutanjan point
  • Karla cave and bhaje cave
  • Duke’s nose
  • Bhushi lake

10. Panchgani

Distance from Pune: 100 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: South


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Panchgani is famous for good residential schools. Panchgani was not such a famous spot until many commercial ventures set up their schools recently following the trends of other schooling system in hill station like Mussoorie, Shimla, Nainital etc. Besides residential schools, Panchgani is also famous for medical centers and strawberry farms and the view points.

Points of interest around Panchgani:

  • Sydney point
  • Tabla land
  • Parsi point
  • Devil’s kitchen

11. Kolad

Distance from Pune: 110 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

Kolad river rafting

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Like Kamshet, Kolad is also famous for adventurous activities like stay in wilderness resorts, river rafting, rappelling, kayaking, parasailing etc. If you are looking for some sporty weekend then Kolad is perfect weekend gateway for you.

12. Malshej Ghat

Distance from Pune: 120 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: North

malshej ghat

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If you only love driving into the nature and some long road trips, Malshej ghat road trip is for you then. During or after the monsoon, trip to Malshej ghat is filled with waterfalls falling on the roadsides. Last part of drive is through the Bhimashankar wildlife reserve which is the best drive. Everywhere there will be greenery and there will enormous number of waterfalls roadside. Every kilometer, you will feel like stopping taking pictures. Malshej Ghat is a paradise for adveturers, bird watchers, photographers.

13. Bhandardara

Distance from Pune: 170 Kms
Duration: Two days
Direction from Pune: North


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Bhandardara is a weekend gateway from Pune in true sense. First, this place is lesser known to people. Second, drive from Pune to Bhandardara is not the same as other drives. Difference being you cross through remote village, untouched nature, pristine waterpools etc. Third, Bhandardara is an odd mix of all the elements of nature like fresh air, waterfalls, majestic hills, greenery etc. Bhandardara is situated at the northern point of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. The same reserve forest which has the highest peak of Karnataka. You can still see the red thatched houses, paddy and cotton farms on the way. Pravara river adds the crest to the crown. I insist a nature lover to spend a night in the nature in some resorts.

Points of interest around Bhandardara:

  • Wilson dam on Parvara river
  • Randhaa waterfalls
  • Tribal villages
  • Ratangad fort
  • Arthur lake
  • Mount kalsubai
  • Boating from Ratanwadi village into the nature

Pawna Lake

Distance from Pune: 56 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: West

Pawna Lake

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Pawna Lake is an artificial lake formed by a Dam built across the Pawna River. About 11 Km’s from Lonavala, the road leading to the lake is very beautiful. You drive through quiet villages that silently greet you from their slumber, green ghats that lay tall on both your sides and weather that is to kill for. The serene atmosphere and beautiful views of the sunset are what makes the place special. Sitting by the lake with your friends is nothing but pure bliss. There’s no other feeling that can beat your experience in the Pawna Lake, amidst nature.

Places of interest around Pawna Lake:

  • Tung Fort
  • Visapur Fort
  • Tikona Fort
  • Bhaja Caves


Distance from Pune: 88 Kms
Duration: One day
Direction from Pune: South-West


Source: indiantourist-spots.blogspot.com

A popular temple town with a lot of mythical significance, just stop here for a few hours before you head to other weekend getaways like Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. Home to more than 100 temples thus earning the title – ‘Dakshin Kashi’, a great destination for history buff, architects and devotees.

Places of interest around Wai:

  • Menwali Ghat
  • Wai Caves
  • Nana Phadnavis Wada

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