Torna trek and Torna fort travel guide from Pune & Mumbai

Torna trek is around 50 Km Southwest of Pune and 220 Km Southeast of Mumbai. Torna fort also known as Prachandagad fort is located near Raigad fort natural reserve. It is one of the famous fort treks around Pune. Torna fort is also known as Prachandagad because it was of its literal name (Prachanda = Huge) + (Gad = fort).

There is also a direct trek route from Torna Fort to Rajgad fort. Torna trek information is given below in full details:

Torna trek guide and route maps:

Distance from Pune: 50 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 220 Km

There are two trek routes to the Torna fort trek:

  • Torna trek from Velhe (one day trek and return the same day)
  • Torna trek from Rajgad fort (2 days trek and needs overnight camping)

Torna trek from Velhe:

Reaching Torna trek base village Velhe:

Torna trek distance: 4-5 Km
Torna trek time: 3-4 hours
Torna trek difficulty: Medium

If you want to use a mode of public transport then start from Pune early morning from Swargate bus stand. The first bus to Velhe leaves at 6:30 AM in the morning and reaches Velhe at around 8:30 Am. Velhe is the base village for the Torna trek.

If you want to go to Velhe on your private vehicle, Just search on google maps for ‘Velhe, Maharashtra‘. The Google map will guide you a place from where the Torna hiking trail begins. You can park your vehicle at the Velhe village and start trek from there.

There is a very straight route from there and you can even see the Torna fort from Velhe. Basically, you will have to walk along the ridge to reach the Torna fort. The trek route is steeper at points. This trek can be done in a single day.

Torna trek from Rajgad fort trek:

Torna trek distance: 13 Km (From trek starting point to Torna fort = 8 Kms + Torna fort to Velhe 4-5 Kms)
Torna trek time: 5-6 hours
Torna trek difficulty: hard

If you are planning for a two-day trek then, you can start from the Rajgad fort side. Just search for ‘Sanjivani Maachi, Maharashtra 412213′ and you will get a driving direction from Pune. I am not sure of the public transportation on this side. I am also sharing a screenshot of the same below:

Torna trek from Rajgad fort

As you can see in the above picture that a trail crosses the road while driving to Sanjivani Maachi from Pune. This trail starts from Rajgad fort and goes to the Torna fort. So you can always look for the same on the Google maps when to stop and start trek from there. However, I am not sure of the parking. Here is a link to how to download google offline map for trekking.

Maybe, if you have a cab driver, you can ask him to meet at Velhe and trek until thereby doing an overnight stay at the Torna fort.

Torna trek fort camping:

You can do overnight stay inside Mengai Devi temple at the Torna fort. If you have your own tents, you can also camp there overnight.

Places to see in Torna fort:

  • Budhla tank
  • Mengai Devi temple
  • Zunjar Maachi
  • Bini Darwaja
  • Awesome panoramic view of the surrounding Sahyadris and ridges

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