Salher Trek & Salher fort travel Guide From Pune and Mumbai

Salher trek is around 350 Km North of Pune and 300 Km Northeast of Mumbai. Salher fort is a part of Satana Tehsil in Nasik district of Maharashtra. Salher trek information is given below in full details:

How to reach Salher trek?

Distance from Pune: 350 Kms
Distance from Mumbai: 300 Kms

Driving to Salher trek base:

Just search on google maps for ‘Waghambe, Maharashtra’. Waghambe is the last village for Salher trek. Once you reach Waghambe just ask for Salher fort route. They will guide you. You will also be able to see the Salher fort from the Waghambe village. From Waghambe. The road that takes you to the Salher fort is also called ‘Salher – Salota Road’. You can also use these words to locate the road. Here is a link to how to download google offline map for trekking.

salher fort trek


Salher trek information:

Base of the trek: Waghambe village
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 5141 feet.
Difficulty level: Medium
Time to trek: three to four hours

In the Waghambe village, you can get water bottles and snacks. You can purchase there before starting the trek. If you want to return the same day, you should start early. There is no need of a guide, still if you want to take help from locals, you can take that.

Salher fort camping:

Salher fort is ideal for camping after the trek. If you are not carrying a tent, you can use the caves at the top. There is a total of three caves at the top. However, only one of the caves is clean and it can accommodate approximately 20 persons. There is another temple called Parshuram temple at the top however, the temple is in the windy zone.

Places to see in Salher fort:

  • Salher fort
  • Parshuram temple
  • water tanks
  • caves
  • Awesome panoramic view of the Sahyadris

Salher fort History:

According to a mythical legend, Lord Parshuram did his Tapascharya at Salher Fort. That’s why there is a temple at the Salher fort top named ‘Parshuram temple’.

Besides being famous for the Parshuram Tapascharya, Salher fort is also famous for the battles fought during the reign of Shivaji.


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