Ajinkyatara Fort: Travel & Trek Guide from Pune & Mumbai

Ajinkyatara fort located in Satara in Maharashtra is recommended for novice trekkers and people who love road trips and long drives. Here are the information about Ajinkyatara fort trek:

How to reach Ajinkyatara fort?

Distance from Pune: 115 Kms
Distance from Mumbai: 260 kms

Drive to the town of Satara. Ajinkyatara fort is situated at the outskirts of the town of Satara. One can also see the fort from the town because of Satara TV tower installed on the fort. From Satara, you can ask any local people and they will guide you to the fort.

Ajinkyatara fort

Ajinkyatara fort trekking information:

Base of the trek: Ajinkyatara fort
Best time to trek: Winter (September to March)
Height: 3300 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy

One can easily drive upto the entrance of the fort by road and park the vehicle there. From the entrance, you can explore around the fort. As there is water source at the fort so make sure you carry a bottle of water with you.

Camping information Ajinkyatara fort:

Camping is not allowed at the Ajinkyatara fort.

About Ajinkyatara fort:

Ajinkyatara is made up of two words: Ajinkya (Impregnable) + Tara (Star). This fort was named as impregnable star fort because of its height and location. Because of its height, Satara Tv tower is installed at the fort. Ajinkyatara fort is from the times of Shivaji, 16th century. This fort remained with Marathas until 1818.

Places of interest around Ajinkyatara fort:

  • Sunrise point
  • Hanuman Temple
  • Lakes on the fort
  • Manglai Temple

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