Ride bicycle Delhi! Rent at Metro stations & be a peddler

Remember the good old days when you were a kid leaving your home with bicycle at  5. Then going each one of your friends home calling them aloud and continuously ringing the bell until they came out to play. Finally when your friends came, you have a bicycle race from end to another of your locality, to win you peddle hard and hard and even if you don’t win you still feel cheerful and enjoyed that moment. That’s the most precious and relaxing  part of your childhood that you always remember but as you grow up these things left behind in today’s busy life.

Cycling with friends

Cycling is very rejuvenating, perfect for all age groups as it is an easiest and ideal way to get more active and healthier. It makes you young, active, happy and it is perfect to enjoy morning and evening. But you can still live that time by cycling again for those who haven’t done cycling from long time this piece is for you only.

Imagine roaming in Delhi on bicycle enjoying the weather experiencing the eternal fun with your friends. This thing happened to me once I was at  Vishwa Vidalaya  metro station and wanted to go Kamla Nagar for some work but what happened  me and my friends  were  not able to hire any rickshaw then we saw a “rent a bicycle” kiosks outside the station we do had some rough idea  about this facility  then I thought it was the best time to give it a go and as well as we got lucky weather at that time was perfect and we hired  bicycles at minimal rate then each one of us took bicycles, put our bags on the baskets and then we sit on the bicycle then the problem came we couldn’t  able to ride it, seriously we couldn’t !! we laughed at each other face hardly to our situation because it has been long time that none of us touched a bicycle then it’s the time to pull up the socks, we tried two-three times and start balancing slowly and then the fun starts we start to compete with each other remember in ‘dil dhadakne do’  Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh  competing with each other. We beat the traffic and reached to our destination in short time and that happiness of travelling on bicycle changed my routine, from that day instead of hiring rickshaw I use only bicycle to travel short distance but in case of scorching heat it is better to a hire one.

Anushka sharma cycling in PK. Source thejeromydiaries.com

Source thejeromydiaries.com

Advantages of cycling in Delhi:

  • Pocket friendly- you can save money by almost half.
  • Time saving – beat the traffic easily.
  • Healthy exercise –for health freaks
  • Time saving and requires minimum space to ride.
  • Eco- friendly

Delhi Metro stations where you can rent bicycles:

This facility is provided by DMRC to travel short distance. It is first started in Saket for the convenience of commuters to travel nearby areas to promote healthy habits in people of Delhi. Some of the metro stations are:-

  • Vishwa Vidalaya
  • Saket
  • Hauz khas
  • Akshardham
  • Dwarka-sector-14
  • MG road metro station
  • Patel Chowk metro station

And soon more are going to open. These booths are set up just outside the metro station and you have to submit your original identity card for security reasons and then you can hire and go nearby markets and collages.

Cycles renting kiosk at Delhi Metro

Timings for renting bicycles at Delhi metro stations:

8:00 AM to 8 PM (summers)

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (winters)

Rent charges pricing for renting Bicycles in Delhi:

10 Rs for 4 hours and some place it is extra 10 for more than 4 hour and at some place it is 2 Rs per extra hour.

And when you are at vishwa vidhalya you will see there are 20-25 bicycles all taken by students and you will be disappointed many times as at the peak hour you won’t see any bicycles so better come early to grab yours and also You may have seen foreigners riding on bicycles in Connaught place so next time when you go hire one from Patel Chowk metro station and enjoy. You can also hire bicycles at India gate it is more fun there in wide and minimal traffic roads especially in the morning it is audacious and even more you can even join Delhi cycling club for more activities and fun.


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  1. ahaan

    very helpful information for cycle lover Really it was an awesome article…very interesting to read. good work..thanks for sharing

  2. MP Jain

    Thank you for this information. I thought of going all the way to CP from Dwarka. Now, I will try cylcing in Dwarka itself.

  3. Rajeev

    Hi, it will be great if the rentals will start within 2 km area of any metro station. Then many peoples can take advantage.

  4. yogi saraswat

    Very informative post really . Try to grab a bicycle a day from a station , may be Akshardham. Thnx for sharing this


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