One day cycling tour to TK falls,Thottikallu from Bangalore

Why I mentioned the balls of rocks?

Because of bumps;
Because the MTB seats are structured over iron base and only rocks can sustain the iron feasts
Because Darwin’s theory of survival will fail without balls of rocks (If you know what I mean)
And, most importantly, because you need them.
When boulders are hitting us indirectly down below the spine with utter strength, standing over paddles is not a permanent solution.

TK falls roadBoulders on the way

“Amar! we left the path leading to falls behind. I think we overran than path”- calls Yogesh
“Nope, we are here for breakfast, keep on following the same road,you are almost there” (Credit goes to Jatin, the Breakfast-buff)

Vadas of suburban Karnataka are rare in main Bangalore.
– Big; fluffy; three are more than enough to overfill an empty belly and, adding a cold drink was a cherry topping over the cake.

9:00AM: Time to move on and hit the target

Soon, we were cycling on TK falls road.
A stretch of 3-4 Kms of bouldery, lonely and scenic single road through reserved area.
The hillock was popping out of the trees like a Giraffe looking out for predators in African forest.

The penultimate hurdle: A rivulet

Crossing water poolThough we reached but we were on wrong path so we were supposed to cross a rivulet before we could reach the fall.

What to do?
Lift the bicycle and cross it across.

Can hear the gushing waters?
Dirty gushing monsoon water sliding down the rocks making heavy roar echoing and withering like a dying Spartans. But still had got the hawk’s claw to hold your attention.

Although rushing waters were making gushing sound nonetheless the sound of the dhaar that Vikarant made, almost outst it.

walk away from TK fallsTK Fall in the background

Vineet and Anand decided to climb up the hill and explore more.
–Kudos to two bravehearts!!

The view from the top was nice. Rural Karnataka was hidden behind coconut trees on one side and on other side were the hills.

11:30 AM: One hour of fun and Time fur Auf Wiedersehen

Every sweat we dropped marked our territory
Every shout-out-loud of a kid, we did, remained there
What we brought back from there: sweet pains and sweet memories that would never fade away.

Returning back to our college was filled with fun.
We were sharing laughter; sharing time together. It was nice to see amateurs in true sportsmanship.

Energy picked up, when we were certain that we were just 10 km away from our destination.
Everyone got winged up (Especially Abhishek after having special sugarcane juice), almost flied through the high traffic of Bangalore. Rough rides on the pavements and crisscrossing through dirty traffic. You reminded me of spider man.

In a nutshell:

Our journey was about 8 soar asses
Almost 8 hours of Cycling
9 bravehearts
20 times of chain slipping down
20 bottles of cold drinks
60+ Kms of odd distances
And, thousands of paddles.

Monsoon water of the TK falls If you think this writing was helpful to you, leave behind your suggestions/comments 🙂

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3 Replies to “One day cycling tour to TK falls,Thottikallu from Bangalore”

  1. Anargha

    I went for cycling to this place. its a nice place. Though more of people in bikes come over here and u will find broken glass bottles over there place. thats bcoz its a hot spot for drunkards.
    The ride was enjoyable. lots of ups and downs.

  2. Ananda

    I was a part of this adventure and I must say I had awesome experience. More over the way you have described this adventure is just mind blowing. Keep writing, it makes me feel I am still alive.


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