One day cycling tour to TK falls,Thottikallu from Bangalore

How to reach?

The following map is more than sufficient to help you out. besides, GPS works most of the times.
5:30 AM: D-Day, Electronics city

9 two-wheeler beautiful beasts, tested and checked firmly, were ready to leave their tyres’ screeches over NICE ring road early morning. And you guesses it right, those beautiful beasts were MTBs (Mountain Bikes).

Well! Longing for kick starting the paddle was over and we were out in the dark alike marine recons troop out in to the wild, for our own planned mission of conquering TK falls. While on the highway-

– The silvery moon was still high
– Roads, pitch black
– Sullen sky, covered with dark grizzly lumps of clouds
– We, paddling through the muzzy weather
– Chain cranking in symphony with whistling thick air across our ears
– Sky, gradually turning into bitten metallic hot copper
– While sun was yet to mark its presence with orange smile across dark blue sky

Early morning at NICE ring roadWe hit the road before sun could hit the sky

En route, when a truck driver sparklingly glances at you and waves to show his felicity towards your dare-devil act, some butterflies cut and run inside your belly:

– The moment of pride then boils up and never let the dregs of happiness settle down getting lost in the gloomy pegs of mundane life
– Eyes glazes more than ever
– Adrenaline rushes faster than anytime ever
– Paddles kicks in and a smile spreads across your dry lips.

“Next stop! near Johns institute, look at left hand side, you would notice a big board”

At nice ring road, bangaloreWhile we had turned into flying saucer, the smooth and buttery highway seemed similar to a damsel’s curvy humps – A perfect beauty (This comparison got inspired from social networking)

Like a perfect humps of a 36-24-36 lady, anyone will enjoy the ride.

Nice ring roadCurvy Humps of Nice ring road

6:30 AM: Bannerghatta Road

Soon, the trance of spellbound moments of curvy heaps of beautiful damsel was broken over by a road cutting away from the highway.

Oh! I would miss you freeway girl.

12 Kms covered, a few more hours yet to go. We were then, cruising on Bannerghatta road.
This lady was Mexican: rugged and tough.
– High humps. you need to pump in more flexes to reach the apex.

Bangalore was well left behind and Bannerghatta reserved areas was in front of our eyes- like a virgin bride, wrapped in her green shawl, just waking up from her last night sleep with lazy and dozy eyes.

400 feet of free ride:

According to Google terrain map, our journey was heading from 3020 feet (Bangalore) towards 2620 feet (TK falls). Scientifically we had a free ride of 400 feet.

TK falls road cyclingThe rolling free fall on Bannerghatta road:

Free yourself from all the miseries of this physical world
Take a plunge into nature where life never comes out of the vicious circle of birth and death but the body gets mixed with five elements eventually (If I am not preaching too much of abstinence)

Let the cool air brush through your hair
Let the tiny drops of water wash the dirt off your eyes
Let the lips didder in air
Let the heart thump at the curves
And let yourself get a heavy atonement breath at the end of each curve

Sigh! finally I am safe.the world was running behind so fast.

– Did you realize you were almost parallel to a Bajaj Pulser when wheels were on the roll?
– Was not it scary when you saw a truck heading towards you with double the speed of yours while you were on free roll?
– I thought of taking a break but the mellifluous screeching of Vinit’s cycle (Vinit! your cycle rocked dude) and skidding of my own cycle (Death roll and ride) momentarily took my breath away and I hit Jatin (You are rock solid so you did not move).
Somehow, things were back on track. (Thanks to my subconscious mind)

Byataryana DoddiWhile ascending:

Ahead lied a big curve!
RPM increased

Muscles stiffed
Gears adjusted (I still have no clue, who rode on what gear)
Heaps hanged up in air monetarily and life was moving in slow motion

“See, put 1 on 1 and you paddle pretty easy”, Yogesh! you were damn easy at ascends. Kudos!!

Byataryana DoddiBall of rocks road ride:

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3 Replies to “One day cycling tour to TK falls,Thottikallu from Bangalore”

  1. Anargha

    I went for cycling to this place. its a nice place. Though more of people in bikes come over here and u will find broken glass bottles over there place. thats bcoz its a hot spot for drunkards.
    The ride was enjoyable. lots of ups and downs.

  2. Ananda

    I was a part of this adventure and I must say I had awesome experience. More over the way you have described this adventure is just mind blowing. Keep writing, it makes me feel I am still alive.


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