Muthanallur lake from Bangalore: A Cycling Trip

Situated South-East at a distance of around 30 Kms from Bangalore, Muthanallur lake is one of the lesser known lakes around Bangalore. It is one of the most beautiful lakes around Bangalore where you can make a cycling trip to.

We started from the Whitefield area. After crossing the Varthur lake on the Sarjapura lake, The road is pretty straightforward without much traffic. It is advisable that you start early morning so that you can catch up the sunrise near the lake.

Muthanallur lake cycling from bangalore

We started around 7’o clock and it took us around 110 minutes to reach the lake including breaks and photography breaks. I suppose if you leave earlier avoiding the Bangalore traffic, you can make to the lake in around 80-90 minutes comfortably.

From Dommasandra, the road crosses through the villages. It will feel good to pass through the little Nature that is left around Bangalore. The road passes through some of the scenic areas.

On the way to Muthanallur lake

Once you cross the Muthanallur village, you can take your cycle up the mund made around the lake. The mund is around 2-3 Kms long. That cycling feel will be a totally different feel.

About Muthanallur lake:

Muthanallur lake is around 4 Kms long and 1 km wide at its widest point. This year in 2017, when Bangalore received the highest rainfall breaking the record of last 115 years, The lake was overflowing. It was a fun place for the villagers to catch fishes by putting a net across the water overflowing on the road. As we saw, all the fields around the lake were also filled with water.

Flooded fields around Muthanallur lake

We continued cycling on the mund made around the lake.

Muthanallur lake cycling trail

There are flowers-cultivating farms around. I was surprised to see the flowers farming styles. It seemed advanced to me. The farmers were using polyethylene to retain the moisture.

Flower farms around Bangalore Flower farms near Muthanallur lake

The environment around is serene. You can also see some fishermen doing fishing in their coracles in the morning. If you love photography, this place is a paradise for you. We spent around one hour just sitting and relaxing beside the lake.

Fishing at Muthanallur lake

Bird Watching at Muthanallur Lake:

I also see a lot of people doing bird photography around Bangalore. One of such famous spots is Hoskote lake. I must say that I also saw a lot of bird s around the Muthanallur lake. Some of the birds that I remember were eagles (I think golden eagle), Kingfisher,  Stork, Cormorant, Kite etc.

white starks near Muthanallur lake

One of the awesome-most things that I enjoyed the most was the way eagles were diving into the water and picking up something out of the water. At that point, I wished if I had a very good camera with me to shoot the pictures. It was also very interesting to watch the way they were holding prey in their claws.

Eagle at Muthanallur lake Eagle holding its prey

Nature Around Muthanallur lake:

Besides birds, we also realized that the area around the Muthanallur lake was just perfect for photography as well which is not in the case of Hoskote lake. There are flowers fields and other agricultural fields along with a variety of wildflowers blossomed just beside the lake.

Wild flowers near Muthanallur lake, Bangalore (1) Wild flowers near Muthanallur lake, Bangalore (2) Nature around Muthanallut lake (1)

Overall, the trip was a fun. If you also get a chance try to visit this lake around Bangalore.

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