Hoskote Lake Cycling From Bangalore

Hoskote lake is situated to the east of the town of Hoskote, just before it on National Highway 75. There are many ways to approach this lake as you go from Bangalore. We also went cycling to this lake from Whitefield area and it took us around one hour to reach there.

Hoskote lake Google map

Hoskote lake can be approached from different directions

Hoskote is a bird watcher’s paradise and those who love bird photography. We approached this lake from its Western side through a village. Last 5 Km of the stretch off NH75 was scenic.

When we reached the lake. It was almost overflowing and local village boys were fishing in the lake. But you can still see a lot of birds in the lake.

Due to the rain, the lake area had increased and most of the birds were far from us in the center of the lake. However, I did not like Hoskote lake much when I went to my next trip to Muthanallur lake in terms of birds, beauty, and photography.

Hoskote lake pictures:

birds in hoskote lake Cows in hoskote lake flying bird hoskote lake Hoskote lake birds (2) Hoskote lake birds Hoskote lake flooded Hoskote lake flooded (2)

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