Why not to date an adventurous and traveller girl?

Note: If  you can promise your girl to dig an oasis out of desert or bring the heaven down to the earth, then this post is not meant for you! Please stop reading here!!!Because you can do anything for your dating love.

If you are dating a girl who is adventurous, you might find a thousand reasons to date her but let me have the privilage of being a spoilsport and cite you some reasons, why not to date her. I am gonna list down some characteristics which are common in most of the girls who love traveling and/or are adventurous in nature. It might be the case that your girl is little different (As most of the couples love to pronounce this way) but, what’s wrong in taking a look at these characteristics and see if your girl is no different than others.

PS: I am not a match-maker or a match-breaker. Its just my thought. In a democracy like India, you have the right to follow your own will and instinct as much as i have.

She loves Photography; So what’s wrong in it?

Well, it sounds like an asset to you in flaunting cool pictures over social media and make others envious but not to be missed, it can also turn into a liability.
How? When you can’t avoid shooting anything that she points on to. It could be a pizzeria’s entrance or flowers pots kept outside the entrance of a hotel. 

Is your freedom getting robbed lately?

You might not realize this too but it’s aready there into the picture. The set of choices that you have started making lately is more influenced by her decisions than yours (because fairer sex need fairer treatment?).
So the new exotic places, adventures, cottages, everything that was on your mind, is being scrutinized by her thought processes; eventually booked by you.

Imagine yourself walking through the commercial street of Zurich (Just a reminder!! Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries for shopping) with her and there are three killer words being displayed on every nook and corner.

Did you guess something?
Its time to burn a hole in your packet. You can not stop the steps which are destined for the carpet on the shop-floor. 
You might be a smart dater and you could cleverly avoid her taking to the commercial shopping streets (the intensity of performing this business is equal to walking on burning charcoal for 400 feet).  Even if, you have made that and you are out of lethal zone of shopping but my friend! the game is not over. can you stop her from accesing lucrative offers spamming all over the internet. Imagine a cheaper flight deal; or, healthy discount on a five-star hotel; or, getting a wedding gown on purchase of a diamond ring. Well, you can’t always be the winner.

She walks along with her make-up room

The credit of heavier bacpack goes to her. You might say, a complex body structure needs more maintenance. You might be true but ultimately, you can’t see her lifting heavier bag than you are. Remember? Fairer sex need fairer treatment?

Feminity to Masculinity: Sounds weird but can be too true to believe

Lately, you had been to week long camping, driving on your bikes through valleys and under the sun. Now you have arrived back in your town and a look at fresh girly faces almost make you take a relook at your dating partner.
She looks messed up and tanned with burnt skin and messy hair. She surely looks different.
Oh! you had not dreamed of someone of that appearance but go on with that.
By the way, has she started talking like a man? Has she become more sporty and is on verge of loosing her cute, shy and soft nature. You have started missing the soft part in that strong girl. Adjust with that or give her a warm shower and bring her back.

You can’t impress her any more and she doesn’t need you any more either (The deadlock situation):

Wanna know why? You gave her the taste of camping, hiking and rock-climbing. During Initial days, you could impress her showing tents unfolding and holding onto rocks. But now she is an expert and could do every thing on her own.
She is at par with you in every thing and you have run exhausted in holding your skills to impress her. So, neither a new diamong ring nor a camping skill could impress her. You set her free.

She is turning more uncertain (Outcome of her experience)

This development is the result of the above phenomenon. Wanna know why? Because she has no one to impress to. She knows the skills. She has a long list of followers and subscribers to her quirky tales. She is always on the move; she is even planning to quit her job and become an organizor at a camping firm.
Well, this case is true with the guys too. So, there is a paradox here.

She needs no reasons to be happy (Spiritual solacement)

She has sought her spiritual solace and the mundane worldly things like a big car, a diamond ring or a candle-light dinner no more impresses her. She easily makes friend and has come over her boundaries and there is no way you can stop her.Why not to date an adventurous girl

 And, She will always find an excuse to traveling; and, you hardly can deny her freedom.  Also know why to date an adventurous guy?


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