Wayanad (Kerala) Road Trip from Bangalore Via Sulthan Bathery

Following is the full Road trip Guide from Bangalore to Wayanad via Sultan Bathery in Kerala. In this article, I will talk about the road condition, what to do, where to stay and all the aspects of a road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad district in Kerala via Sultan Bathery.

About Wayanad in Kerala:

I have seen many people talking about going to Wayanad in Kerala. So the first wrong perception about Wayanad is that Wayanad is a district and if you think that Wayanad is a town where you can go and stay, then you are carrying a wrong notion about Wayanad.

As far as the main town of the Wayanad district is concerned, Kalpetta is the main town of Wayanad district in Kerala. Kalpetta is almost located in the center of the Wayanad district.

Road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad, Kerala:

So, before I start writing everything about the road trip, let me divide this whole section into subsections so that I can focus on each individual aspects easily. So let’s start with the road condition.

Road condition from Bangalore to Wayanad:

So when you start from Bangalore, you can start with the NICE road. Starting your drive with the NICE road could be a good start. Then you will have to take the Mysore road. So, expect traffic more on the Bangalore-Mysore road, however, if it is not too late, you can also decide to take a stop and have dinner. Here are the best places along NICE road.

Try not to drive through the city of Mysore. Better would be to take the Mysore ring road which will directly lands you on the Bandipur road thus avoiding the traffic of Mysore city. Below is the Mysore ring road map for your reference:

Mysore ring road

Once you take on the Bandipur road, there won’t be much traffic but still, your speed will be slow because before the road from Mysore towards Bandipur was a single road but now they are widening the road. So, due to the construction work going on, you might have to drive slowly.

Be aware that this highway is not as lively in terms of hotels and restaurants as the Bangalore-Mysore Highway but you can get something local to eat and sometimes, you also encounter a few nice restaurants on this way.

Once you reach Gundlupete, you will have to take a right from there towards Sultan Bathery. If you go straight, you go towards Bandipur national park. The road from Gundlupete to Sultan Bathery is good and motorable. There is also lesser traffic on this road.

Driving from Gundlupet to Sultan Bathery

Gundlupete to Sultan Bathery road passes through Bermabadi state forest. There is also a forest checkpoint at the beginning of the forest where the forest department official check for the alcohols and something illegal things if you carrying in your vehicle. There is another checkpoint near Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary after crossing the forest in Kerala as well.

Remember, there are a lot of speed humps on this route so drive carefully especially if you are on a bike. Do not expect much of a wildlife on this route like inside Bandipur reserve forest safari.

Staying options near Sultan Bathery:

Although there are many staying options near Sultan Bathery and in the town but if you are looking for cheap and best-staying options, then I would recommend you two staying places:

Pepper Grove Sultan Bathery

They have good hospitality and facilities. We stayed at Pepper Grove, Sultan Bathery. There you will have an option of AC and Non-AC options. They have a big lawn, ample parking lot, and a serene location as well almost on the edge of the city.

However, if you want to have their food, you can ask them to cook in advance. Do not miss their buffet breakfast. It’s just awesome. Next day, you can freshen up, have a short nap and roam around the city.

Breakfast at Pepper Grove, Sultan Bathery

Driving around Sultan Bathery:

Dam near to Sultan BatheryDam near to Sultan Bathery

Near Sultan Bathery

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