Valentine day special: why date an adventurous traveller guy?

Note: This Post has been written and contributed by one of the subscribers of this website and the post fully represents her views and her perspective about life.

Lena Desmond in her Huffington post’s blog writes:
“Date a boy who travels. Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date the boy who scoffs when he hears the words, “vacation,” “all-inclusive” or “resort.” Date a boy who travels because he’s not blinded by a single goal but enlivened by many.”

Dating? For me, dating a travelling guy is not lesser than a going on a roller coaster ride. How? Read more….

About me? I live in a metropolitan. The Job and the life here, always keep me on my toe.
Scotched by the sheering demands of the life, most of the people here just want to run away from of the city life during the weekends. While guys are on a little advantageous side enjoying more freedom than girls and escaping for them is little easier.

How important is dating for me as a girl?
For me, dating is as important as waiting for a glimpse of a rainbow in the rainy season and you know that you can not always be a lucky girl. And the same way, most of the girls want to go to some special places when it comes to dating because they want to feel being luckier.
For some girls, for sure, the city life is the ultimate destination because a city, too, could bestow you with plethora of options to chose from even for dating; while most of the girls expect the love sprouting when they meet someone special. For letting the seed sprout, there are some indispensables like serenity, ambience, smile, peace etc. where your heart can speak out and privacy where there are no commotions and intrusions and these combinations are rare in the cities, something which money can never buy.

So when it comes to dating for most of the girls, they want to go somewhere which is far away from the society, into the nature where there are no commotions or intrusions and guess if you have the right pathfinder with you, you would soon be there into some of those exotic places which you could have only thought of.

Let’s dive a little more into fantasies:
How about sitting at the edge of a mountain and looking at the chains of the mountains while the sun goes down to meet the horizon? Or may be looking the golden moon in the star-lit sky slipped inside the sleeping bag?
Well, those might sound as a world of fantasies but until you do not pack your bag and see those for yourself, you don’t realize that those fantasies do exist in real. Else they would remain concealed behind your eyes forever. So, date a guy to live the roller coaster like ride of the life. He would take you through the various dimensions, a short life has to offer, by simply  keeping you at the edge. It’s safe to be with him because he will protect you from everything may it be material obstacles or emotions out-flown. 

Start exploring with him and his backpack:
He carries with him a backpack of mysteries which is too interesting to explore. A rough notebook left with few pale old pages, a pencil sharpened with his knife or maybe a wrist band which he found on the last trek. Indeed, his life would be full of interesting stuffs.

My recent experience says why date an adventurous traveller:
I recently went on a hilly river exploration. And to my surprise, a few of the girls confessed that they were more attracted to the leading guy especially when he was sweating and wiping off his sweat from his forehead.

And, the Discovery channel explains why?  “What do women find attractive about a man’s smell?”

“Observing him stepping over rocks and slithering through thorny bushes was really enticing for me. I find it wild and masculine”- one of my friends’ statement further substantiated it.

Date him to enjoy the silence:
He won’t speak much with his eyes. That was not always what, you had expected for. He might not have much mundane stuffs to share with you but when he tells you some of his adventure stories, just imagine and feel yourself there.His eyes won’t do much talking generally, it had always be his innocent pure words which take you to an entire different world of serenity and peace which is mystical.

Date him to feel the genuine respect in its purest form:
The one who loves and respects nature is always a gem at heart and so is with this man. He admires beauty in its simplest and purest form. Such a man will admire you for the person you are and will be least interested in you getting dolled up for him since that tends to look superficial to him.
I think that a man who respects nature and every living being to his core, such a man will never disrespect you and is always upright and honest. So, date an adventurous traveller because there are more chances that he would turn out to be an honest guy who would respect you for the genuine reasons.

He might notice something unique in you which others can’t:
A travelling guy finds solace in the misty mountains which speak a history of their own; in the turquoise streams of water which gush their way through the rocks and thus creating a soothing mellifluous sound; rugged terrains though barren yet beautiful in their own ways. And, believe me, there is something common and unique in these nature’s forms which call him time and again to the same places. So, he is a connoisseur and he can see the aesthetic beauty in its simplest form.
For example: He would click the beauty of the nature in the most beautiful angle. Because the way he sees the beauty might need us a different pair of eyes. He sees beauty in every little simple thing. And, he might notice something unique yet simplistic in you which others might not even care for.

Further date him to see the simplicity in its basic natural form:
For him simplicity and naturalism is the true meaning of beauty. He might come to meet you in pyjama and a T-shirt (anything is possible). He is far away from the so called sophistication, the society has to offer hence, he opts for simplicity in every manner in his life. He is the man who can manage both being in a big palace and yet will be happier to be on a trek sleeping under the star studded sky with his sleeping bag. For him love is his priceless abode and possession. He will go to any extent to keep his loved ones happy. But be warned, He would go for a women with a genuine heart and soul rather than one who is more into superficiality

Date him to meet the wild side of a man:
Meet the sleeping stallion. He looks silent and sedated but he is playful too. He can play with your sweet eyes and heart more lovely than you have ever imagined because he knows how to appreciate the beauty. Watch him sometimes when he reach at the peak or may be pitching the tent or stealing eyes with you sitting opposite to you on camp-fire. He looks dormant like a sleeping volcano but at the same time he can erupt wild and can get really naughty and mischievous with you even without your knowledge. But you would love this wildness. Because its something different. That one would be lionized wildness, a vehement expression which would be enticing and alluring.

Date to get the treatment of an angel:
A travelling guy will treat you and treasure you like an angel. Do not go to his exteriors which always seem to be rough and tough but under such an exterior bulwark, lays a soft and caring heart. This is the reason why he finds solace in the lap of Mother Nature because at times this world seems to be too much for him to absorb.
Hold on and cling on to such a man because he would go to any extent for your happiness and will love you in a way which is divinely beautiful and true and can’t be explained simply by words. He will take you to world which can’t get more beautiful than the ones in your fairy tales. He is responsible and will always go by his word.

Date him because he does not judge you:
For him, nature is his angel and worship and will always preserve her in the best possible way, he can. He doesn’t care much about what others have to think about him because he finds happiness within his own existence and I am sure you shall not have to worry much about your looks and all. Because his eyes are the window to your soul and flesh & skin do not matter for him much more.

So, are you ready for the date? Find it….
Adventurous men may seem to be lost in their world but they have very good sense and track of every minute detail happening around. Sometimes you might ask me that what would be the guarantee that he would stay with you forever? Well, and that is really difficult to say because most of the times, its the new routes and places on his mind and if you think, you do not have the spark of adventure within you then you can’t tune your adventure frequency with him ever and neither of the two is made for each other. Or the best thing for you would be start exploring on your own. If you feel sharing the warmth of companionship with someone or divvying affection and spreading the message of love with flying Tibetan flags at the top of the hill along the windy air, make you surveil to someone then its time to unlock the hidden beauty of the nature on your own. If you are scared of roller coaster rides which offer an adrenaline rush then better keep off because he will be full of surprises But yet go for it because it will be an amazing experience which you would want to experience now and might till the end of your existence. Such guys are real men, who are manly just because they are themselves.

Can you picture him there

Can you image him here?

Feel the affection:
He will hold on your hand forever throughout the ups and downs with complete compassion. He is the best if treated with utmost love, care and affection. I May sound like a talk-treason but the wildest-beast if treated with love, could be the best friend for life time. If you love him genuinely he will return ten folds more of it to you without any expectation. Because he was never into expectation or judgement or any societal system we are cob-webbed into. For him passion is everything. As long as you are with such a man, you will never miss adventurous fun and enjoying the scenic beauties that lie behind the hustle bustle of the daily life. Life is much more than what we perceive and this perception comes in the blood of such a man.

Find the guy who travels because you want to break free of the clumsy society; because sophistication might earn you value but never a life; because you need a pair of strong arms to feel safe into; because you were born free; because it’s in your blood and you have it; because the dreams that you see, do exist. Go and live your dream…….. Date a traveller……

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