Shivanasamudra falls Travel Guide: Gaganachukki & Barachukki falls

Shivanasamudra falls travel guide from Bangalore – Know about stay, road conditions, entry fee, Gaganchukki falls and Barachukki falls.

How to reach Shivanasamudra falls from Bangalore:

Shivanasamudra situated at a distance of around 140 Kms from Bangalore. The road route from Bangalore to Shivasamudra is – Bangalore -> Nice road -> Kanakpura -> Malavalli -> Shivanasamudra (Gaganchukki waterfalls viewpoint)


Road condition from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra:

Once you leave the NICE road on Kanakpur exit, you can expect traffic until Kanakpura. After Kanakpura, the traffic will be less until Malavalli and from Malavalli, the traffic is almost nil on the road. There is only one toll on this route and that is NICE road toll.

Except the NICE road toll, there are no other toll booths. Total time taken would be around 4 hours including normal breaks on the way.

Shivanasamudra falls and river Kaveri:


Shivanasamudra is basically a name of an island formed due to splitting of river Kaveri. Due to the split of river Kaveri, two waterfalls formed on the each of the splits. These waterfalls are called as Gaganachukki falls and Barachukki falls.

Later, these splits join and goes towards Tamilnadu. There are other famous waterfalls enroute like Mekedatu falls, Chunchi falls, Hogenakkal falls etc.

Gaganachukki falls, Shivanasamudra:


As you arrive from the Malavalli side, Gaganachukki is the nearest waterfall to you. Gaganchukki waterfalls is situated at the eastern split of river Kaveri. There is no entry fee at Gaganchukki falls. There is also a viewpoint.

You can walk until there and enjoy the waterfall from a distance. However, you are not allowed to go to the base or any further down nearer to the waterfall.

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Barachukki falls, Shivanasamudra:

Barachukki falls is situated on the western split of river Kaveri. It is around 14 Kms from the Gaganchukki falls. There is no public transportation to go there. To reach Barachukki from Gaganchukki falls, you will have to return to the main road and again drive to the Barachukki as shown in the map above.

River Kaveri canal on the way from Gaganachukki to Barachukki

River Kaveri canal on the way from Gaganachukki to Barachukki

Taking bath in Kaveri in Shivanasamudra:

Since bathing is not allowed near the waterfalls, you can take a bath in the upstream direction or towards the further north. From Gaganchukki falls, you can also see a Dargah. People also get down in the water near Dargah but I would not recommend that.

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Search on Google for “Old stone bridge across Cauvery river“. There will be many people taking bath there. Just drive across the bridge and park your vehicle. There are also coracle rides over there. The water is around 5 feet deep near the bank but mind the flow. Undercurrents are little strong.


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