Ramoji film city, Hyderabad: Entry fee (Tickets), Tour, Timings & Photos

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad is one of the World’s largest film city. Know about the timings, entry fee and all the details.

Some useful information about Ramoji film city, Hyderabad:

Ramoji film city entry fee:

  • Adult: 900
  • child: 800 (3-12 years old)

Ramoji film city timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

  • It has a toll free number 180042509999.
  • It has a 5 star and a 7-star hotel.
  • It has been lately becoming a holidaying and honeymoon destination with guided tours of the entire film city. To avail, any facilities call on the toll-free number.
  • Ramoji film city website for packages
Ramoji film city, world's biggest film set complex hederabad

Ramoji film city, world’s biggest film set complex Hyderabad

Millions of Indians watch movies every day. But did you ever give a thought or imagine how a movie is made; how a set is prepared; how stunts of south Indian films are created and what all process is involved in making of the film? The answer is a big “NO”. So let me take you on a wonderful ride with me to marvelous, magnificent, and amazingly designed and beautifully crafted India’s Disney world “RAMOJI FILM CITY “- the world’s biggest film studio.

Ramoji film city, hyderabad

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad

Ramoji film city- A place must see in Hyderabad

Ramoji is a film city or studio which is in the heart of the city Hyderabad. It was brought into existence by the man ‘Ramoji’ himself. A dreadful beauty spread over an area of about 2000 acres. Ramoji film city focuses on everything -taking from a holiday place to a great adventure and learning place for students or a place where you can get an overview of the complete filmy world. It is a place which has played a very significant role in the Indian film industry. Films like Jodha Akbar, Dirty Picture, Magadheera to name a few were shot at different locations of the film city.

Ramoji film city, a durbar set

Ramoji film city, a durbar set

Ramoji film city, a kings durbar set

Ramoji film city, a kings durbar set

I had never dreamt in my life that one fine morning I get up and my friends told me that we are about to leave for Ramoji film city. To be honest, I had no idea what this film city was all about. Like you all, I too was thinking that it may be a museum or a historical place but I was far away from the fact. As we reached the film city I could not see anything but some tickets counter. We got the tickets and we were told to proceed towards the bus standing opposite side of the counter.

Ramoji film city, ticket counter

Ramoji film city, ticket counter

Ramoji film city, bus tour

Ramoji film city, bus tour

We were informed that the film studio is at around 1.5 km distance from the tickets counter. No vehicles or any other mode of transport was allowed to reach the film city except the bus provided by film city. As we reached there we saw thousands of people standing near the main gate.

The time was 9:00 am and suddenly the gate opened and there was a welcome dance which went on for 8-10 minutes. It was well co-ordinated with some amazing steps. Every day there is a welcome dance performed for the visitors. Next, as we entered we were told to take any bus which was parked inside the studio. There was a guide present in the bus and soon we were being explained about its history and how the films are shot over here. The bus trip is almost one hour.

Ramoji film city in Hyderabad

Ramoji film city in Hyderabad

Ramoji film city, a palace set

Ramoji film city, a palace set

Now we ourselves were in dilemma to where to go and what to do as we wanted to check out everything in the film city but the fact is that even if you stay 3 days in the film city you won’t be able to see everything and there is nothing that you don’t want to leave for next trip and that’s the beauty of Ramoji. Then next I visited action theatre.

As the name suggests it was a place where you will get an overview of how actions are done in our films. Then I saw stunt show, extravaganza show, Dhoom theatre, magic show, and the list goes on. Let me tell you we were this much involved in watching that we didn’t know that now time was about to over and we even did not get hungry all day.

And there was just an hour left and I wanted to cover as much as I can. So we just proceeded to the miniature of the Taj Mahal, HawaMahall, London Bridge and to my great excitement when we went to see the replica of Golconda fort we can see almost the entire film city. Wooow what on earth that beauty was! I am just out of words for it.

Ramoji film city, roman set

Ramoji film city, roman set

Next, we came out of the film city and had to take the return bus towards the main entrance but we thought let’s enjoy some skating, car racing or rain dance which was meant for children. And we took the return bus and we said to each other “we must come once again, guys “. What a lovely day we had. As I was writing I have taken one more visit without paying the tickets price with you all.

Ramoji film city, garden

Ramoji film city, garden

Ramoji film city, children's park

Ramoji film city, children’s park

Β Well... That's me...in the specs :)

Well… That’s me…in the specs πŸ™‚

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  1. Bindiya

    OMG..being from goa..i always heared abt it but whn i saw it ,it ws jst above my thinking…it is fanstatic n i hve no words to express…it is really lovely..even the staff there so cooperative..luv u ramoji city..

  2. Bishu

    Really it was a great moment in Ramoji film city…. we visited on 3rd feb 2017. Entry fee for adult is 1000 and for kid 3-12 yrs 900 rupees. It was a great exprence.

  3. Vilok

    Guy plz give me one think that…. I came film city at 26/01/2017 but I lost my heart there only… One girl made my mind and heart full love…. Plz I need one security camera pics for me… I’ll pay that guys…. Plz reply

    • trekkerp

      Hi Vilok,

      I think you might have seen a heroine or a shooting… Maybe you can look out for the current movies being shot out in Ramoji film city


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