Ooty Road Trip from Bangalore

Ooty road trip from Bangalore is one of the most sought after road trips from Bangalore. Situated at a distance of almost 300 Kms from Bangalore, the road trip to Ooty offers some of the most scenic places to see en route such as Nice ring road, Mysore newly constructed ring road, driving through Bandipur national park and a total of 36 hairpin bends to Ooty before finally reaching there.

Bangalore to Ooty road trip:

If you want to leave for Ooty from Bangalore, I would suggest you take NICE ring road from Bangalore if you are starting from areas like Marathalli, BTM, Electronics city etc. The drive on NICE road will set your mood right before you hit the Mysore road. I would also suggest you to start around 10’o clock in the night so that you can see the sunrise in the Western Ghats hills of Ooty or nearby.

Starting at 10 or later in the night from Bangalore to Ooty will help you avoid Bangalore traffic, especially on Weekends. The traffic on the Mysore road will be little rough but there will be a lot Dhabas and some even open a well as Tea-stalls where you can take a break.

From Mysore towards Ooty via Mysore ring road:

Try to avoid driving through the Mysore city en route Ooty even though it will be night because that will add surplus time to your journey. There is another outer ring road on the peripherals of Mysore just like NICE road. You can take that outer ring road to avoid driving through Mysore city and directly reaching Bandipur road.

Google maps sometimes do not show this newly constructed outer ring road. So just for your reference. I am highlighting the Mysore ring road in the below media so you do not have to cross the Mysore road.

Mysore ring road

Also, know that the Bandipur road from Mysore is getting extended into a four-lane road that means there will be a lot of traffic while returning because of the construction working going on along the roadside.

Entry to Bandipur national park:

Entry to Bandipur national park is free but it opens at 6 AM in the morning. That means you cannot enter the reserve forest before that. So, most probably you will see the sunrise while driving through the Bandipur national park only. Try to take a break in the Bandipur national park for tea and enjoy the nature there.

Bandupur sunrise

Bandipur to Ooty:

There are two routes to Ooty from Bandipur. The first route is via Theppakadu and the second one is via Gudalur. I would suggest you to take the first route to Ooty via Theppakadu because it has 36 number of hairpin bends and also the road is newly constructed and driving is fun on this road.


Once you reach Ooty on your vehicle the first things we look for are the bathrooms and parking. So for parking and Bathroom in the Ooty, drive directly to the rose garden and there is a parking there. If you are in doubt, ask someone and they should tell you.

Just in front of the main entrance of the Rose Garden, there are public toilets. You can get fresh there.

Places to see in Ooty:

Rose Garden:

Rose Garden is a kind of big park but usually crowded on weekends. After a long drive, we usually go and relax under the warm sun on the velvety grass of the rose garden. You can even take a nap lying under the sun.

Ooty Lake:

Ooty lake is another place to chill out. There you can opt for boating and relax while boating slowly.

Tibet Market:

If you want to buy something for someone, you can also take a walk around the Tibet market in Ooty. The Tibet market is just in front of the Rose garden. I bought there two shawls for a much cheaper price. If you want to buy other things from Ooty then buy homemade chocolates which you will see on the every other counter of the shops. You can also buy honey, plant saplings etc.

Returning from Ooty to Bangalore:

If you do not have a plan to return to Bangalore the same day, then it’s okay. In case, you have the plan to drive back to Bangalore the same day then keep in mind that entry to Bandipur national park closes at around 8.30 PM so keep that in mind if you are leaving too late from Ooty.

That’s it from my side. If you are interested in some more road trips especially the romantic road trips from Bangalore, here is the link for romantic road trips from Bangalore.

Sunset Bandipur national park

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