Mussoorie Trip With HardyHawks Adventures

Mussoorie express was standing on platform number two. I and Ashish were waiting for all others to arrive. It was our first trip to Doon Valley and Queen of the hills- Mussoorie.  Our train was scheduled to leave Delhi at 9:20 pm. Everyone was thrilled. As expected, we began handsomely. We were a total of 24 including two of us, the trip organisers. The night was chilly and smoky in its own way. In

In the morning, by 6 am everyone was getting excited. The air was cold and it was fresh. Giving us extra energy. We were in Haridwar. Everything looked perfect, the hills, mountains, rivers, trees, and the soothing weather. We were already in a travelling mood.

We reached Dehradun by 10:30 am. We were received there by our Dehradun partner Saurav. We freshened up and had the breakfast. The tour bus ready to explore the city with us.

We first took everyone to FRI (forest research institute). A place unique in its own in India. A palace like structure made by British for the same purpose as it is used of now. The lush green trees and beautiful structure gave us a fresh and dream start for us. Everyone was excited to explore more to this city.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks at FRI Dehradun

After spending almost an hour we headed to Sahastradhara, A waterfall gushing down serene valleys between the mountains. For people coming from planes enjoying the nature was quite an expensive thing. Everyone enjoyed some quality time with water.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks at Sahastradhara Dehradun

Food is something that everyone is expecting to be of grade ‘A’. So was the lunch. Everyone ate with full enthusiasm as the serving person had the hard time to keep the pace with the boys. That was normal as energy spend is directly proportional to the fun.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks adventures in Dehradun

We were on the roll again. We headed to the most anticipated place of our trip, Mussoorie. Everyone was excited and getting goosebumps. On our way, we visited Mussoorie lake. And then we proceeded straight to our hotel. We had asked everyone to freshen up and enjoy their own time in the city exploring and cherishing the beauty of the Queen of hills. We had the dinner together. The night was to enjoy it in our own ways.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks, Mussoorie at night

Every morning is set to bring a new adventure. We had planned it to make it. At 6:00 am we began for our trekking, the roads were empty and nature was at its best. The 8 km trek to Kandahar was one of the best time for everyone on the trip.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks adventures, trekking in Mussoorie

The sunrise was one of the exciting moment we ever had. The tiredness had made everyone hungry. The hot aloo paratha, pickle and curd had made everyone more hungry. After having the breakfast we left for Kempty fall where again the too much cold water had given a chill to their nerves. The fun had again made everyone hungry. So again the lunch was taken for the task. We had planned for small shopping at the Paltan bazar.

Mussoorie trip with Hardyhawks at Kempty falls Mussoorie

The train leaving to Delhi from platform number 3 at 9:21 was bringing the tour at the end. The fun was unlimited.

Post Written By- Saurav Singh (A HardyHawks Adventure Enthusiast)

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