Mandalpatti Travel Guide, Madikeri, Karnataka

Mandalpatti, situated at an altitude of around 4050 feet, is a hilltop 18 Kms from the town of Madikeri in Karnataka and is a part of Pushpagiri reserve forest. Mandalpatti has become a famous four-by-four Jeep drive spot to the top. It is one of the favourite drives for road trips from Bangalore.

In the local language, Mandalpatti is also known as ‘Mugilu-Peth’ or ‘Mugilu-Pete’ which means Market of Cloud (Mist).

How to reach Mandalpatti?

Mandalpatti travel map

Kindly refer the above map to understand more about Mandalpatti:

There are two routes to Mandalpatti:

  • Via Abbi falls junction (around 20 Kms)
  • Via Makkanduru (around 35 Kms)

Via Abbi falls the ride is little bumpier but it takes lesser time. Via Makkanduru, you drive through coffee estates and there are a lot of small waterfalls and water streams on the way. The best way to cover these places will be going to Mandalpatti via Abbi falls junction and returning via the other route. Also, via Makkanduru route, you see the Kote abbe falls.

kote abbi falls Near Mandalpatti Madikeri


Mandalpatti Travel Guide:

The nearest town to Mandalpatti is Madikeri. From Madikeri, Mandalpatti is around 20 Kms. Out of these 20 Km, you can easily drive 17 Km on your own. However, you are not allowed to drive for the last 3 Km because of the restriction put by the Mandalpatti forest department.

You need to park your vehicle near the Mandalpatti forest checkpoint and from there, either you can walk yourself up to the hill if you are a trekking enthusiast or you can take a Jeep to reach the Mandalpatti top. Another good trek around this area is Nishani motte trek.

From MandalPatti, while returning, you can come via Makkanduru route however, the driver might demand extra rupees 100 per head for that.

Mandalpatti entry fee and charges:

Vehicle Parking fee is Rupees 20 near the checkpoint and once you reach the top, there are another rupees 25 charges for the viewpoint.

Mandalpatti Jeep Cost:

Mandalpatti Jeep ride


A Jeep ride to Mandalpatti can be taken from Directly Madikeri or Abbey falls Junction (A junction en route) or from the Mandalpatti checkpoint. The jeep stops there for around 45 minutes.

Madikeri to Mandalpatti Jeep ride:

If you are staying in a hotel or in a resort in Madikeri, the best option for you to hire a jeep will be on “per day” basis. This way, you can cover many Mandalpatti nearby places such as:

  • Mandalpatti
  • Abbi falls
  • Kotte Abbey falls etc.

Madikeri to Mandalpatti Jeep ride might cost you around 4000 on per day basis. 

Abbi Falls junction to Mandalpatti Jeep ride:

You can also hire a jeep to Mandalpatti from Abbi falls junction. The Jeep ride cost from Abbi falls Y-Junction is rupees 1500 for 5-6 persons. However, if you can bargain, it’s better for you. The jeep ride takes around one hour to the viewpoint.

Note: If you are going in your own car, then jeep drivers at Abbi falls junction might scare you that the road ahead is not so good for a private vehicle. Ignore them. The road is good until the base.  

Mandalpatti road

Jeep from MandalPatti base:

From Mandalpatti base, the Jeep ride costs around rupees 1000 for 5-6 persons. If you go individually, you can get adjusted in a jeep easily over there.

To reach to the viewpoint, you need to walk last one Km till the top. But do not worry, I have seen even the elderly people going up the route and as elderly as 60 years.

Mandalpatti Best season to visit and opening timings:

The best season to visit Mandalpatti will be After monsoon or before summer. Try to avoid the rainy season. If you want to know the weather forecast of Mandalpatti, just type Mandalpatti weather and you will get some site links to know about the weather about Mandalpatti.

Mandalpatti Opening Timings:

Mandalpatti opens around 6 AM in the morning and closes at 6 PM in the evening.

Facilities at Mandalpatti:

There is no bathroom, food or staying facility at Mandalpatti. So make sure you carry all the needed stuff with you. Also, make sure, you have enough water with you before going up.

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    Nice coverage of the place. I really like to this blog its very interesting and informative. Thanks for your amazing travel guide and your photos are mind-blowing.

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    There are many home stay close by, so u can stay there a day before or same morg, and order ur food and drinks, and go for a adventurous trip and Jeep ride, and come back to home stay and enjoy,

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    Hi, Can any hatchback car be taken till the Mandalpetti hill base? How is the road from Madikeri to its base?
    Can any car like i20/polo/swift be taken out till there by self drive mode?


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