Kudremukh forest fire News: Trek banned since New year

A fire incident was reported in the Kudremukh forest reserve around the new year, 2016. This is the second major fire news after Kumara Parvatha news: trek fire which also happened around the same time. As per trekkers, the fire broke out on the other side of the Kudremukh main road. Soon, the fire got loose and it, subsequently, became harder for the forest department guards to control the forest fire.

According to eye-witnesses, there was a long stretch of forest on one side of the road. It is believed that it has caused severe damaged to the flora and fauna of Kudremukh national park which is one of the most beautiful national parks in the Western Ghats situated in the state of Karnataka.

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Forest department decided to immediately ban the Kudremukh trek after the fire incident in Kudremukh forest. Trekkers were denied of getting permission to trek to Kudremukh peak. Earlier, due to some incidents, camping on Kudremukh peak was already banned and now, this time, complete trekking is banned to Kudremukh forest area.

Kudremukh fire

During the winter season, in the month of December & January especially, Western Ghats gets completely dry. A dry to a level that all the grasses and flowers die. Also, Western Ghats receive no rains like the Eastern Ghats during the month of December. Thus, during these months, a lot of fire incident occurs in the dry forests.

Kudremukh forest department is controlling the fire using fire. Mostly an incident of fire occurs on one side of the road. Sometimes the fire reaches the other side of the road. So to control the fire, forest department burns around 10 feet of area on both side of the road so that fire does not travel across the road. This is one of the safety measures taken in most of the forest area of the Western Ghats.

Trekkers are hoping that once is fire spread and after the monsoon will have arrived, Kudremukh trek will be opened to the trekkers. Let’s see what happens. If you have been to Kudremukh trek lately, Kindly report the current status.

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  1. Sreekar Guddeti

    We planned trekking kudremukh today. However due to ongoing forest fire the forest officials denied permission. They suggested to come back once the monsoons starts


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