Increase Travel blog site speed with Google pageSpeed insights tool: Make an Impact

Site speed is one of the biggest issues with travel blogs as well as an important part in SEO and increasing Google ranking. Most of the travel blogs are slow. Site speed makes a great impact on a travel blog. Because of the slow site speed, even with great content and travel guides, travel bloggers find it hard to rank on the first page of Google. Just because these things impact our site a lot. Google offers many free sites and tools to analyze your site data, work on them, and improve the SEO of your website and Google pageSpeed insights tool is one of them.

I am going to show you, with an example, how to use Google pageSpeed insights tool to increase the speed of your site and rank better in Google search ranking. Below are the steps on-

Using Google pageSpeed insights tool for Travel blog SEO:

  • Go to Page speed insights tool
  • Enter the Url of the blog post, you want to check the page speed. In my case, I am going to enter this URL Top 10 romantic road trips and lover’s stay around Bangalore (I have also modified the structure of my blog so that I purposefully get a bad score on this tool so that I can show you what unwanted feature is giving you a bad score.)
  • Here is a screen shot of the result that I get from this tool.

Page speed insights example

I hope you are also following these steps side by side on your machine. The page speed insights will show you scores for desktop and mobile as well under different levels as you can see:

  • Should fix (Accompanied by red color)
  • Consider Fixing (Accompanied by yellow color)
  • Passed Rule (Accompanied by green color)

You should mostly focus on the ‘Should fix’ part of the score because ‘Should fix’ impacts your site the most.

  • Expand the score by clicking ‘Show how to fix’ under ‘Should fix’ score and expand the result. The expanded result should look something like this:

Page speed insights suggestions summary

As you can see above that under ‘should fix’, Google page speed insights is recommending me to optimize images. And, if you carefully read the suggestions one line by another, you will also be able to figure out the name of the image in that particular post which should be optimized.

Besides images, there are also other factors which need to be addressed because they also make a partial impact on the blog site. But, trust me, images consume most of your site speed. Because travel bloggers have large High-quality images. Here are the steps on optimizing images for a travel blog.

A general rule of thumb for increasing page speed of your travel blog will be:

  • Optimize all of your images because heavy images impact your site speed the most and this can give a very Fantastico result.
  • Remove any facebook like box or Google plus box from your site if they are not really important to you. In case they are generating likes and followers then you might keep them. But they surely consume a lot of the bandwidth thus, making your site slow
  • Try not to fill your site with many widgets like subscription, gallery, calendar, archives, recent posts, recent comments, Tag cloud, Twitter timeline etc. Only keep the needed widgets which are really working out for you. Not all widgets work for travel bloggers.
  • Try to leverage browser caching, it helps much in increasing your site speed and thus is a good example of good SEO practice and ultimately, it helps in ranking better in the Google search result.
  • Try not to use many flashy and fancy things on your website. On the average, they consume more bandwidth and take a longer time to get downloaded implicitly asking a user to navigate away from your site then and there.

I hope this post about increasing site speed for a traveler blogger was informative for you. If you have something to add or something to ask which are other impacting factors, you can leave your comment in the comments section below.

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