How to use Multiple Keywords in a Travel blog Post for SEO

To rank better in Google search, you must be looking for optimizing your blog and target a specific keyword. However, it becomes really difficult when the specific keyword you want to target for travel blog SEO has multiple variants and thus multiple keywords.

Multiple Keywords SEO:

As an adventure travel blogger,  I mostly like to target about trekking. Since I am located in Bangalore, I would like to target for ‘trekking in Bangalore’ But the big question that arises out of it is: Is my blog post just going to be targeted over a single keyword for SEO.

There could many other variants for this keyword like:

  • Trekking in Bangalore
  • trekking places around Bangalore
  • Treks around Bangalore
  • Treks from Bangalore

Then how should I handle multiple keywords for SEO? At the first place, is it necessary at all?

Yes, multiple keywords SEO is not mandatory but it is good to have it. If you use a few variants of a keyword that means you are targeting a wider range of readers.

So how to use multiple keywords in an article?

  • First, you should decide which keyword is going to be your primary keyword. That primary keyword should have less competition and should appear more in search queries on Google.
  • Then make a small list of some secondary keywords which you also want to target apart from the primary keyword. These secondary keywords could be some variants of the primary keyword or should be a long tail keyword if at all you want to include that in your post.

For example:

My primary Keyword: trekking in Bangalore
My secondary keyword: trekking clubs in Bangalore, Trekking places around Bangalore, Trekking spots in Bangalore etc.

Now you should be wise enough to use these keywords and here are some SEO tips on using multiple keywords in a single article:

  • Keep the primary keyword in the title tag (Name of your post or article)
  • Use the primary keyword in the first paragraph
  • Also, use the primary keyword in headers/ heading tags like H2, H3 etc.

Now comes the part about the secondary keywords:

  • Use some of the secondary keywords in other headings if possible.
  • Apart from the primary keyword, also, use secondary keywords scantily throughout your blog.

Here is an example of using multiple keywords in a page:

I recently wrote a blog about Ramoji film city in Hyderabad and I targeted on some of the specific keywords. Those keywords are:

  • Ramoji film city
  • Ramoji film city, Hyderabad
  • Ramoji film city entry timings
  • Ramoji film city ticket price etc.

You can go through the blog here: Ramoji film city, Hyderabad: entry fee, tour, timings & photos look for the uses of the multiple keywords in a single post.

If you are more interested in SEO for a travel blog, you can use the page below where I have written and been updating about the travel blog SEO.

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