Health Benefits of Oolong Tea – The Wonder Tea

Oolong tea is considered to be a traditional and very popular variety of tea in both China and Taiwan. Obtained from the buds, leaves and stems of a plant known as Camellia sinensis, it is semi-oxidized and slightly fermented; resulting in a taste that is in between green and black tea. The origin of this highly beneficial tea is said to date back to almost 400 years.

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When consumed on a regular basis, oolong tea can provide great health benefits. The combination of antioxidants and caffeine present in it effectively fights free radicals, promoting good health. Listed below are the several health benefits of this wonder tea –

Oolong tea contains a compound known as polyphenol, which effectively controls the metabolism of fat present in the body; thus reducing obesity. Certain enzymes are activated that enhance the functioning of the fat cells in your body. As long as you do not take it with artificial sweeteners or refined sugar, you can successfully lose weight with regular consumption of oolong tea.

  • Takes care of your digestion

For people who are not sensitive when it comes to caffeine, oolong tea can help in digestion. It reduces inflammation by alkalizing your digestive tract if you are suffering from ulcer problems or acid reflux. The mild antiseptic quality of oolong can also help in removing the bad bacteria that is present in your stomach.

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  • Oolong tea helps in stronger bones

It has been discovered that oolong leaves contain calcium and magnesium, which takes care of your bones. Apart from that, the rich antioxidant content strengthens your bone structure, prevents tooth decay and osteoporosis, and promotes overall normal growth of the body.

  • Keeps diabetes in control

Oolong tea is often used as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes, along with other medicated drugs. It can effectively regulate the insulin and blood sugar amount that goes in the bloodstream. This results in the reduction of the drastic spikes or fall in blood sugar in diabetic patients that are often known to cause serious health effects.

  • Oolong tea helps in lowering the cholesterol levels

Being semi-oxidized, oolong tea produces the polyphenol molecule that activates an enzyme known as lipase, which has the function of breaking down the body fat into fatty acids. This results in the reduction of the cholesterol levels and promotes good health of the heart.

Oolong tea controls cholesterol level

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  • Anti-cancerous Properties

The polyphenolic compound present in oolong tea promotes the death of the cells in the stomach that may lead to cancerous growths. It also functions like a chemo-preventive instrument, restricting the development of any other cancerous forms. By stifling the activation of carcinogenic (cancer causing) cells, preventing the N –nitroso compound from forming and trapping the genotoxic agents before they get effective, oolong reduces your risk of getting affected with cancer.

  • Healthy hair and skin

The antioxidants present in oolong tea promote shiny and lustrous hair, also preventing hair loss. These antioxidants are also responsible for a youthful and vibrant skin. Oolong can also suppress allergic reactions as it has the ability to fight free radicals, thus relieving you of skin problems and irritation.

  • Keeps you mentally alert

As it contains caffeine, oolong tea aids in revitalizing mental alertness as well as performance. Drinking it on a regular basis will keep you alert throughout the day, and ensure that you perform well, both physically and mentally.

It is evident that oolong tea has great therapeutic properties, but it should also be kept in mind that it comes with a rich content of caffeine. Excess caffeine may lead to sleeplessness, headache, diarrhea, anxiousness or irregular heartbeats in some people.

It is advisable to drink this tea on a regular basis, but limit to 2 cups in a day to avoid any side effects. Also, a person who is pregnant, a breastfeeding mother or has a serious medical history, should consult a physician before including oolong tea to his/her diet.

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