Do not only date an adventurous travelling girl? Marry her!

This post is equally critical as this one where I have written why not to date a traveling girl. The verdict lies in your personal perception about dating and the way of life.  

 1. She is Whimsical; Boon or bane?

 If you have gone through this article which explains 10 personalities and essences of being a traveler then by now, you must have known that a traveler is not only spontaneous in nature but also, chances are high that he/she is a moody traveler. By Moody traveler, I mean, a traveler who follows the swings of his/her mood and is too whimsical to handle. A moody person might or might not like another moody person but when it comes to travelling, the common purpose and passion their living for, mood is definitely an encouraging factor. Let’s see it this way: she is whimsical and even too hard to predict and same is true with the guy. They might fight over thousand things but when it would come down to travelling, they sure are going to find a common purpose and being whimsical is surely going to be a boon here, If you can ignore the other misunderstandings or mute other choices of life where there are chances of feud cropping up; you will surely find the ultimate common purpose of your life. A day will come when you would never know what you are going to do tomorrow or what will be on your dinner menu that night because as a couple, you do not decide, now, you just do it.

 2. She might be hard to please but she is fit-in-all person

 Over the years, the same adventure tales or travelling documents/pictures might not impress her because she has already seen a lot more than that, but one thing is for sure that she is a kind of “fitting-to-everywhere” person.You name it and she is ready to do it. 

For an instance:
You went for camping and camping sites are overcrowded. She would not mind pitching the tent in the woods. Some girls might ask for a proper shower facility or something which looks like a far star in the sky but she would not complain. If she really is going to fall in love with you, she will be there for you and for herself all the time. No matter how harsh or how warm, the situation is. She is ready to drop her feminism to embrace the toughness of life.

  3. If she still has the child inside her?

She might pester you with thousands of questions like a growing child for whom every phenomenon of this world is packed with kick of surprises. If you love demystifying secrets behind every phenomenon that is enigmatic to her eyes then surely you are going to love her approach towards this world because She would find beauty in every piece of this world: an anthill, sunset leaning over the meadows (Be aware she might ask you about the curvature of the earth), a ship gradually and eventually sailing out of her sight along the beach and if you know things, you would love explaining her. She will always be curious. She won’t accept anything at face value. She will wonder; she will wonder; she will question you and to herself; about the meaning of life, about her purpose of life. She will wonder about the soul, the nature, the spirituality, the cultural myths, taboos and every bizarre things. And possibly you could tell her that a spirit and soul like her never dies, it just settles into the sky forever and ever…….

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4 Replies to “Do not only date an adventurous travelling girl? Marry her!”

  1. shakir

    Hey!! Interesting one.. nd it made me to thnk of a person lyk the same to accompany me in my future travels.. looking for it!!

  2. anupampatra

    I Loved this article. My sweetheart is an absolute travel crazy person and no less adventurous.She has been to amazing places around the globe. I haven’t been out with her so far, but plan to be soon. I see the glint of absolute thrill and joy in her eyes and her voice when she is travelling and when she narrates her trips to those places. So I know how it is to have an adventurous girl as your beloved.

    Truly enjoyed the article

    • trekkerp Post author

      Hi Anupam

      I understand the thrill of being with an adventurous girl on a trip/trek. Unfortunately, I have not dated any adventurous girl on a trek. My post is only inspired by my trekking experiences and other beloved couples love……


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