Chunchi falls Travel Guide from Bangalore

Chunchi falls, situated in Mysore, is a waterfall on river Kaveri and is named after a tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. Chunchi falls travel information is given below in more details:

How to Reach Chunchi falls from Bangalore?

Distance of Chunchi falls from different places:
From Mysore: Around 100 Kms
From Ramanagara: 55 Kms
From Bangalore: 100 Kms

On Google maps, just search for “Chunchi falls, Kanakapura, Karnataka, India” and the Google map will show you the road until the waterfall. You can park your vehicle in the open fields over there. You will also see some warning boards over there in Kannada giving precautions before going to see the Chunchi falls. You will hardly find any villager over there. In case you find, you can ask the route to the Chunchi falls from vehicle parking area. The terrain to Chunchi falls is rocky and uneven. Be careful before proceeding forward.

Chunchi falls

Chunchi falls is almost 50 feet high and there are cascades of falls. The best to visit this fall would be after the monsoon when there is enough water in the Arkavathi river. There is almost a power station ahead of Chunchi falls. Before the power station was installed, Chunchi falls would have a lot of water. However, after the power station is installed, the amount of water has reduced significantly in the Chunchi falls. Do not try to step to closer to the falls, it might be risky and dangerous. Chunchi falls has seen such accidents before. There is no entry fee to this place. However, it’s not advised to stay there until late evening. As the place is deserted, the chances of troubles are high also.

Little ahead of chunchi falls

Chunchi falls is open from 9 AM to 6 PM in the  evening although there is no restriction on it. If you think you love adventure, you can go down and explore more below the Chunchi falls. The waterfall becomes almost flat and you can also enjoy there with your friends.  

Chunchi water fallsDown the falls where we trekked for enjoying the bath

Places of interest around Chunchi falls:

Mekedatu falls and Sangama (Click here to read more about them here)
– Kodanda Rama temple


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