BR Hills from Bangalore: Travel Guide & Places to See Around

BR Hills also known as Biligiriranga Hills are situated at a distance of around 175 Km from Bangalore. it is one of the famous road trips from Bangalore. Here is a complete road trip guide to BR Hills from Bangalore.

Driving to BR hills from Bangalore:

Here is the route that you will take to drive to BR hills from Bangalore: Bangalore -> Kanakpura -> Malavalli -> Kollegal -> BR hills.

Driving to BR hills in a car would take around 4 hours. If you want to avoid the traffic, I would advise you to start from Bangalore around 3 or 4 in the morning. If you are going to take the NICE road, then you will have to pay around 90 rupees as the toll charges. Otherwise, there are not any toll charges on the way.

Road condition from Bangalore to BR hills:

The entire stretch from Bangalore to BR hills is double lane road. During day time while going or coming, expect more traffic from Bangalore to Kanakpura stretch and the least traffic from Kollegal to BR hills.


The last stretch of the drive of 20 Kms up the hill to the peak of the BR hills is really scenic and calm. There will hardly be any traffic driving up the hill in the morning around 6 or 7ó clock. At the base of the hill, there is a forest department check post. It opens at 6 in the morning till 5 in the evening. There is also an entry charge of rupees 20 for the cars.

The drive up the hill is really scenic. Unlike other hill stations or road trips from Bangalore, this road drive is really peaceful with rare traffic for even bikers. Maybe, this place is still not so famous among Bangaloreans.

I have also been to other nearby road trips from Bangalore like Yercaud from Bangalore, Bandipur national park, Yelagiri, Hogenakkal waterfalls, Ooty etc. But BR hills is the only place where I was surprised to see no crowd at all or maybe I was lucky.

There is not much to see at the BR hills like a proper viewpoint, boating or doing any other fun activities. The main purpose of the drive should be reaching the peak. There are two to three viewpoints en route where you can stop and enjoy the sunrise.

BR hills weather:

Unlike Yelagiri or Yercaud, I did not find BR hills so hot. BR hills are the part of the easternmost Western Ghats and weather is cool there. Just look out for the rainy weather if you are going there in the rainy season.


Facilities at the BR hills:

BR hills are still not so developed in terms of commercialization of a tourist place. There are some local shops where you can breakfast and lunch. Besides, there are no other basic facilities like toilets, public bathrooms, ATMs etc.

Biligiriranga Temple, BR hills:

BR hills are also famous for Biligiriranga temple which is situated at the peak of the BR hills. This temple opens around 7.30 to 8 in the morning and is very famous among the locals. Beware of the monkeys there. The view from the temple and places nearby is breathtaking.

Shivanasamudram from BR hills:

Shivanasamudra is around 50 Kms from BR hills en route Bangalore from BR hills. Falling on the way back to Bangalore makes Shivanasamudra another favorite location for the travelers to stop at the Shivanasamudra and see both of the falls, Barachukki falls and Gaganachukki falls. Know more here about the Shivanasamudra falls here.


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  1. Samiullah

    BR hills is fit for a higher cc bike not less than 125, min. for a 65 kg person. And a SUV, or 1.6 litre vehicle, lesser depends on driver skills to climb the hairpin bends, which are to say the least very very dodgy. Nothing much to do once you climb up, few vendors selling corn and seasonal mango fruits.


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