An Elephant in Jim Corbett National Park Sues away the Drunkards

Yesterday, three youths on a bike planned to visit Jim Corbett National park in Ramnagar district of Uttrakhand. But their intention was something different. They  had planned to drink alcohol inside the forest. So they parked their bike in a dry river and opened the bottle.

But they had not expected that apart from the forest guards, it’s an elephant also who was watching their deeds. As they parked the bike and sat on the river boulders, an elephant suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Elephant Jim Corbett national park

As you can see in the picture above, there was a water stream separating the youths from the elephant. Initially, the youths did not pay much attention to it and neither the elephant paid attention to them as the elephant was going his way. However, seeing them the elephant stopped for a while beside the river.

Elephant at Jim Corbett national park

Seeing the elephant stopping by the river and staring at them, the youth decided to run away. On the other hand, this side the elephant decides to chase them. Some say that the elephant was there to drink water which you can see in the next picture. But it might have happened that the elephant after seeing the youths running away from him might have provoked a curiosity to chase them.

Elephant drinking water in Jim Corbett national Park

However, the youths had not expected that the elephant would try to cross the small water stream. Seeing the elephant coming towards them, Youths run away completely leaving behind the bike.

Another thing which you can mark in the above picture is that the Elephant’s tail is wagging or little straightened up and also, His ears are flapping. This is a common sign that the elephant is ready to charge. However, initially, the elephant does the mock charging. That means he is going protect his territory or show a fake anger. And if you run away in fear, that will give an elephant a reason that he has captured your territory and he will then come running after you.

Elephant attacking a bike in Jim Corbett national park

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