10 Free Google tools and Sites for Travel Blog SEO for a Bigger Impact on Blog

Google offers a lot of free tools using which your blog can rank better in the Google search, increase the organic search of your site and improve the SEO of your website. These tools can impact your blog in a more positive way than we think. Here are some of the free Google tools and websites using which you can find a lot of facts about your blog which can help you improve the SEO of your blog.

Here are some of the free Google tools and websites using which you can find a lot of facts about your blog which can help you improve and impact the SEO of your blog.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the free Google sites where you can check the page speed of your site. In this site, you can enter the URL of one of your blog posts to see page speed of that post. Google will analyze the page speed of your post and based on that, it will give you a result. Using those results, you can improve the performance of your post. Because Page speed of a blog impacts the site performance a lot. The result shows which particular element of your page is slowing down the performance of your site. It could be large image size, javascript, CSS and even browser caching. Here is a link to how to use Google PageSpeed Insights for travel blog SEO.

2. Serps.com:

Serp.com for keyword ranking

Serps.com is a website which assesses your blog if you are trying to target a particular keyword. These keywords could be related to the niche of your blogging. Once checked for a keyword on this site, Serps.com will show you where you rank with a particular keyword and which website is at number one position.
SERP stand for Search Engine Result page and they impact a user’s behaviour a lot in choosing the search results given by the Search Engine.

3. Google Penalty Checker tool:

Google Penalty Checker tool

Google penalty checker tool checks if your site has been banned or deindexed on Google because of some reasons or not. This site shows three kinds of results if a site has been penalized by the Google. Those results’ terms are given in the image above.
Getting penalized impacts and affects a blog ranking in negative way.

4. Google Disavow link:

Google Disavow link

Google Disavow link is a free tool to remove unhealthy links from your website. However, you should be careful before using this tool. Page rank is one of the criteria to evaluate the authenticity of a website. Sometimes, a site might get links from many unhealthy sites thus, the ranking of a site decreases. Google asks you to remove those links manually by requesting those websites and still you are unable to do so, you should use this tool.

5. Google Keyword planner:

Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword planner is a free tool to search for keyword ideas, historical statistics of a keyword, keyword search region wise and many more features are there. For example, Trekkerpedia is a niche travel blog over trekking. However, trekking word is less used in United stated. They mostly use Hiking instead of trekking. So, next time if you might want to attract US visitors, you should use this tool.
Keywords impacts the whole site and also an individual blog equally.

6. Open Site Explorer:

open site explorer

Open site explorer is a site tool by moz.com for checking the inbound links to a website. You can check for the backlinks, potentially damaging links to your site, Spam score, Domain authority, page authority, even Page authority, and domain authority of the sites linking with your site and how spammy are they and much more. Because once you start getting a lot of spammy links, that is going to impact your website a lot in terms of SEO. So, one should be cautious with Spammy links.

7. Search Analytics, Google Webmasters tool:

Search analytics Google webmasters tool

Google Webmasters tool  is one of the must have sites for full analytics of your site. Using Google webmasters tool, you can do the search analytics of your site. The search analytics include your site ranking, impressions, CTR, queries, countries etc. Travel bloggers must learn to use this site to improve SEO of their blog.

8. Google trends:

Google trends

Google trends let you find out what is trending on the Google on daily, weekly, monthly and even on the yearly basis. On the google trends, you can look out for a trending topic in a particular country based on different categories. You can also explore the topic on Google trends. And, some of the topics are related to your niche area of blogging, you can contribute the same.

9. Google Analytics:

Google analytics

Google Analytics tracks and reports your website traffic. Using this free tool from Google, you can make a lot of decision about writing a blog post or which blog post needs improvement. You can basically do a lot of things using Google analytics like seeing the demographics of your site visitors, their locations, interests, browser, device type, landing pages, the behaviour of the visitors and many more. This is another one of the ‘Must have’ free Google tools.

10. Kraken.io:


Kraken.io is an online tool to reduce the size of the images using a web interface. The basic version of this tool is free for use. I think for a travel blogger who wants to reduce the size of his image, basic version of this tool is sufficient for using. It resizes the image and gives you a lighter image who size is usually lower.

11. Google Alerts:

Google Alerts

Google alerts let’s you find interesting topic across the internet when it appears. These alerts are sent directly into your inbox. So you need not worry about opening the Google alert site and surfing around. You can define your interest in the Google alert. You can also define the source of the alert that you receive. As a travel blogger, you might want to receive alert notifications about your niche area of blogging. It will really help you keeping your blog updated.

12. Suggestion Keyword Finder:

Suggestion keyword finder

Suggestion Keyword Finder is a great free online tool from seochat.com. Using this tool, you can find the different level of related keywords to a particular keyword. This tool has three level of Keyword suggestions. As you go to next level, related keyword suggestion gets longer almost matching to the long tail keyword which Google prefers these days. A travel blogger must try this tool for finding the related keywords to improve the SEO of his blog. For a travel blogger, it will help finding the most common keywords related to a place.

13. Google News:

Google news

Google News is a great product from Google. You can get updated with the latest news about your area of blogging. You can even subscribe to a particular reporting media; you can choose your news location and even you can personalize your news based on some topics. Since I write over trekking in South India, I prefer to get the related news from the forest department or state adventure tourism about my area of travel blogging. Accordingly, it helps me keep my blog updated and maintain the returning visitors.

14. Bloglovin:


Although there are many blogging network platforms where you can submit your blog, get approved and even write paid reviews. But, Bloglovin is a unique blogging network platform where you do not do any of the commercial activities yet, you learn a lot of stuff from it. On Bloglovin, you can find the travel bloggers from the same niche. You can exchange links and comments. You can even learn from the top performing blogs as how do they present an article. The best thing about Bloglovin is: once you start to have followers on your blog, you start getting international readers to your blog.

I am sure you must have enjoyed reading about these free sites and tools for travel blogging and I hope, you will make the most out of these Free and Best Google tools and sites which can impact your blog a lot.

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