Gellert Hill, Citadel Hill (Citadella) and Liberty Statue Budapest

A visit to Budapest is incomplete without Gellert hill, citadel hill, and the liberty statue at the top of the Gellert hill facing river Danube. It is famous for the panoramic view of the Budapest town from the town and a leisure walk to the hill top.

Gellert hill, Citadel and Liberty statue

The Gellert Hill and the Citadella or the Citadel hill is located at the southern part of Budapest on Buda side beside the river Danube. Gellert hill is named the saint Gellert who came to Hungary as a missionary bishop upon the invitation of King St. Stephen I. around 1000 a.d.

The main purpose of the arrival of saint Gellert was to help the king in converting locals intoChristianity. During that time, there were a lot of pagan leaders in Hungary. They captured the saint and rolled him down from the hill in a barrel.

That’s why there is a citadel of the saint at the top of the hill and this hill is named after the saint as Gellert hill.

Later during the medieval time, Gellert hill was utilized as a vantage point and a strategic location to keep an eye over both Buda and pest. Just for your information, Budapest is a city which is made from two cities, Buda and Pest, divided by river Danube. Buda is located on the west side of the river Danube and Pest on the east side of the river.

From the top of the Gellert hill, it was easier to keep an eye over Buda and Pest. It was also equipped with 60 cannons. Later, this building, with time, was converted to a tourist center.

Gellert hill entrance fee:

There is no entrance fee for the Gellert hill. Just walk to the top and enjoy the view.

You can also start walking in the evening and enjoy the night scene of the Budapest from there. It looks really awesome after the sunset.

The Liberty statue Gellert hill:

The liberty statue on Gellert hill was built in 1947 after the second world war. The liberty monument is a statue of a woman holding an olive branch, the symbol of peace in her hands.

How to Reach Gellert hill:

To get there to the Gellert hill, you can either walk up to the top or you can also take a direct bus to the citadel and from there walk around 400 meters to the top.

Gellert Hill bus information:

Bus number 27 directly goes to the top. Here is official Budapest official public transport website (In English.) You can search for routes or you can directly search for bus number.

Gellert hill walking:

You can also trek to Gellert hill. The route to Gellert hill starts just opposite to the Elisabeth bridge in Budapest. You will see people going there. Or just ask anyone in case you are confused. The trek is around 20 minutes from the bottom to the top but it worths it.

I was always fascinated by the liberty statue at the top of the Gellert hill. A lady holding a tree branch in her hands raised and being shown to the world was nice to see from the Pest side. Later, on the Budapest tourist map, I realized that it was Gellert hill. So I kept Gellert hill for the last day of my visit.

Liberty statue from Pest side across river danube

To reach Gellert hill, you need to cross the Elisabeth bridge. Elisabeth bridge is the third new bridge made over river Danube at its narrowest point.

So we decided to walk across the Elisabeth bridge and trek to the Gellert Hill. The day was nice and clear with little clouds in the sky. It was the month of June.

Elisabeth bridge Budapest

Once we crossed the Elisabeth bridge, we found the route to Gellert hill. Forget not to carry some water with you because you might not get water on the way.

In the beginning of the trek to Gellert hill, we found an artificial waterfall and statue of saint Gellert. It looked nice.

Gellert hill artificial waterfall at the entranace

As you start trekking up, you start getting a better view of the Budapest city. Like first the view of Elisabeth bridge, then you can see across the river Danube, then you can also see Buda castle towards your left etc.

Elisabeth bridge view on the way to Gellert hill

En route, you will feel like taking multiple breaks in between and capture the beauty of the Budapest city. You can even see the tourist boats, ships, small cars crawling across the river on the bridge, and you can see the panoramic view of the Budapest city. Here are a few pictures that we took on the way to Gellert hill.

Budapest city on the way to Gellert hill

Danube river on the way to Gellert hill

Once you reach the top, you feel a sense of achievement and it worths that. From the top, you see a panoramic view of the whole city, river Danube and as far as the Margret island, Buda castle etc.

At the top, I saw the same lady, Liberty statue, from close. The olive branch raised in her hand is a sign of the peace.

Liberty statue at Gellert hill top

There is another statue of a man riding and taming a dragon. This statue represents the end of fascism in Hungary. Dragon represents the fascism in this case.

Gellert hill top dragon statue

You can also walk around at the top. There are railings. You can stand there and enjoy the scenic view of the entire city. In different directions, you get different views of the city. You also get a nice view of the Buda Castle from the top.

Buda castle from Gellert hill

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