Women’s top Hiking Shorts

When doing a certain outdoor activity – proper equipment and the right clothing can elevate your overall experience. It can encourage and motivate you to keep going. Anyone who is searching for the right pair of hiking shorts does not need to rush anywhere. Here is a list of the best women’s hiking shorts curated below that are both affordable and comfortable. Also, they have been highly rated by the hikers themselves. 

Promover Women’s Hiking Shorts With Pockets UPF 50+


  • Has two deep side pockets where you can easily store small stuff like earphones, mobile phones, coins, cards, or keys 
  • Made from premium material which makes it breathable, ultra stretchable, and skin-friendly 
  • Has deeper and wider side pockets where you can store small stuff like mobile phones, earphones, etc. 
  • It has a wide leg design which offers more flexibility 

Promover women’s workout hiking shorts are beautifully designed which makes them perfect for both jogging and lounging. Made from top-quality Nylon and spandex, these pants are stretchy and durable. These are breathable that make you feel cool and dry even after tough workouts. With an elastic waistband, they offer a customized fit. These pants are not only comfortable for workouts, yoga, fitness, jogging but also during casual and leisurewear.

Gouxry Women’s Quick Dry Hiking-Shorts


  • Completely anti-wrinkle and scratch-resistant 
  • Comes built-in with UPF 50+ sun protection  that lowers the risk of health conditions like skin cancer
  • Has three handy zippered pockets that allow you to store small objects 
  • Can be easily maintained as it can be hand washed or machine washed with cold water
  • Made from top quality 90% polyamide fiber and 10 % spandex

Gouxry women’s hiking shorts are perfect for hikers and will brighten up your trip immediately. Made from top-quality materials, these shorts dry quickly and are anti-wrinkle in nature. They are scratch-resistant and come with UPF 50+ sun protection which saves one from the harmful UV rays. Besides offering chafe-free comfort, they have an adjustable waistline that offers a customized fit. 

These loose-fitting shorts with three zipper pockets allow you to move naturally through your stride. Also, it has deep and spacious pockets where you can store small stuff.

MIER Women’s Nylon Quick Dry Hiking Shorts | Water Resistant | Lightweight


  • These women’s nylon hiking shorts are abrasion resistant, water repellent, and durable as well
  • They are lightweight, wicks moisture, and dries quickly leaving one dry and comfortable 
  • Has seven functional pockets where you can keep small stuff safe 
  • Comes with a partial elastic waist that ensures a custom fit 
  • Has 4-way stretch features and reinforced stitching 

MIER Women’s hiking shorts are perfect for different outdoor activities besides casual or leisurely wear. Made from top-quality spandex and nylon, these shorts fit like a glove ensuring comfortability. With four-way stretchy features, they also allow mobility and venting. These shorts are breathable in nature and have 7 functional pockets to store small objects. Furthermore, they have a partial elastic waist that provides a custom fit. 

Columbia Women’s Sandy River Cargo Short | Breathable & UPF 30


  • Has in build UPF 30 fabric which provides protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun
  • It is breathable, quickly dries, and comfortable as well
  • Comes with adjustable features which ensure a customized and classic fit 
  • Multiple pockets to store small objects like keys, earphones, smartphones, and others.
  • Affordable and worth the purchase because of the rich features.

Columbia Women’s sandy river cargo shorts are crafted of 100% nylon which makes them durable in every way. These shorts quickly dry and have been featured with the advanced technology of Omni shade that blocks UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburn or other skin conditions like skin cancer. Having a tight weave construction and breathable nature, these shorts are highly comfortable. Furthermore, it comes with a partial elastic waist and included belt that offers a customized fit. Lastly, the multi-pocket silhouette offers the aforementioned security and convenience. 

Dragon Fit Workout Lounge Shorts for Women


  • Made with 80% polyamide and 20% spandex which guarantees softness and breathability 
  • Comes with a loose fit design that makes it ideal wear during summer times.
  • Has two pockets that are big enough to store small items making it convenient for the wearer while doing any activity 
  • Comes with drawstrings and elastic waists which ensures a customized fit 

Dragon fit workout lounge shorts for women are made from top-quality materials that enhance their durability. Having premium 4-way stretch fabrics, these shorts are not only skin-friendly but deformable as well. With a loose fit, it makes one feel comfortable and relaxed throughout even during tough workouts. These shorts are incredible for casual summer wear. Other than that, it is perfect to be worn during different outdoor activities like jogging, walking, biking, traveling, cycling, etc

Willit Women’s Hiking Shorts


  • These hiking shorts are ultra-soft and have lightweight fabric wicks that keep the moisture away. 
  • Comes with wide waistbands that guarantee comfortability all day long 
  • It has hand pockets that can easily hold small essentials like cards, mobile phones, and keys for your convenience
  • Comes with flatlock stitching which lowers chafing and offers skin-friendliness.

Willit Women’s shorts are made with a wicking fabric and top-quality materials which makes them breathable. These shorts are comfortable and have a wide, flat waistband to offer a customized fit. With stretchy fabric, these shorts offer a full range of motion while running or hiking. They have been made under the latest technology that keeps the shorts as new as possible even after several washes. Furthermore, they also come with a wrinkle-free and smooth cool feel.

BALEAF Women’s 4 Inches Running Shorts | High Waisted


  • The body of the shorts is made with 95% polyester, 5% spandex. While the lining is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex 
  • Has an internal drop-in pocket embedded in the waistband 
  • Comes with built-in briefs and sweat-wicking coverage 
  • It is lightweight and durable 
  • Affordable and does not require much attention as it is easy to clean or wash
  • Has back zipper pockets and hidden inner pockets 

BALEAF Women’s running shorts are made up of top-quality materials and built-in briefs which offer a supportive feel. It has sweat-wicking coverage and hems curve up that makes it ideal for daily workouts besides allowing it to move naturally throughout. With a high-rise design and wide elastic, these women’s shorts offer a comfortable fit. Other than that, it has a 4-way stretch fabric feature technology that keeps you stay dry and cool while performing different outdoor activities. 

Little Donkey Andy Women’s Hiking Shorts | Quick Dry | UPF 50+


  • Comes with a 4-way stretch fabric that allows enhanced movement and comfort 
  • It is lightweight and is water repellent in nature that allowing it to dry very quickly 
  • Has UPF 50+ that protects one from the UV Rays of the sun 
  • Comes with a partial elastic waistband with belt loops that promote adjustability and customized fit. 

These women’s hiking shorts are made of ultralight, breathable, and stretchable fabric. They are ideal for trekking, touring, and camping. 

It is made from Quick-drying material that allows it to dry quickly and help you to stay comfortable. 

Other than that, it has a built-in UPF 50+ that protects one from the sun rays when out in the open. For simple storage, there are multiple pockets where you can keep your essentials. 

Chinn Lightweight Hiking Shorts for Women |Quick Dry | Water Resistant | UPF 50+


  • These Bermuda shorts have 4-way stretch fabric which ensures loose fit and comfortability. 
  • They are water-resistant and comes with moisture wicking fabric 
  • Comes with a UPF50 protection factor that blocks the harmful rays of the sun 
  • Has multifunctional zipper pockets where you can easily store small items contributing to a convenient experience 
  • Has an adjustable elastic waistband which ensures a customized fit 

The ChinFun Lightweight Hiking shorts are specially designed to keep the outdoor enthusiast woman in mind. These shorts combine comfort, superb fit, and versatility that make one feel relaxed. Other than that, these Bermuda shorts are made of a water-resistant, stretchy, and quick-dry fabric. It allows one to stay cool and comfortable over time even when practicing tough workouts. Furthermore, it protects one from the sun’s damaging rays as these shorts have a built-in Ultraviolet Protection factor. Not to mention, these shorts are ideal for hiking, backpacking, jogging, daily workout, casual wear, and so on.

Columbia Women’s Anytime Outdoor Long Short


  • Comes with UPF 50 fabric that offers protection against harmful sun rays, advanced water, and stain repellency 
  • Has a drawcord waistband which ensures a customized fit 
  • Made with 94% nylon and 6% elastane which makes it super soft and durable. 
  • Resists absorption of liquids and repellency of moisture, these shorts help you to stay clean and dry.
  • Has two side pockets and one back pocket to store small items like mobile phones, keys, cards, and others.

Columbia Women’s anytime outdoor shorts are made with top-quality materials that make them rain resistant and stain resistant in nature. It has durable stretchy nylon that is up to knee-length and appears to be perfect for different outdoor activities. They have two side pockets and a single back pocket which allows you to store small essentials easily. The two-way stretch and adjustable drawstring at the waist offer a customized fit. Other than that, these shorts have Omni shield technology that repels moisture and allows it to dry quickly. Not to mention, these are ideal for daily wear or even when going on hiking, cycling, walking, traveling, etc.

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