Using google weather before hiking or trekking

I always prefer checking out the weather before setting out for a trip or hike. Once in winter, we set out for Kumara Parvatha trek and the temperature was over 35 degree and many from us felt dehydration. Well, that time I might not have much of experiences which I have now. So, here is a list of what I have learnt over from my previous treks regarding “Using Google weather for treks/ trips and hikings”

  1. Google has mapped almost everything from hills to small towns. You just need to open and type the place name followed by the word “weather”.


For example you are searching for the beautiful Nagalapuram trek then your google entry should look like this.

  1. Google will show the whole result on the search result page itself.

  2. You will see three tabs in the result: Temperature, Precipitation and Wind.

  3. If clicked on any of these tabs, you will see the respective information. For example, if you click precipitation tab, you will see a bar graph showing chances of precipitation on a time frame of every three hours. Similarily, if you click wind tab, you will see the wind direction at different hours of the day.

  4. Time line: Timeline shows the weather condition of next 24 hours on the timeline of every three hours which starts from 1AM in the morning until 10PM in the night of the same day.

  5. However, if you make a search at some particular time of the day, it will show you the weather for next 24 hours.

  6. At the bottom you can also see next seven days of the week.

  7. If you want to search for the weather more than 7 days then you will see a link at the bottom. Just click on any of the suggested sites and there you can even see the weather for the next 30 days or so.

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