Top 10 Hiking Boots for Women

It took me around 300 hours of my time to compile and convey this list of the proper sort of footwear and facilitate your in choosing the most effective hiking boots.

The real challenge now a days isn’t planning a visit but having the proper gear for your trip. And for hiking, hiking shoes are the foremost important gear because it has the utmost potential to create or break your adventure. Get the incorrect footwear and your trip is doomed to failure. Get the proper one and your trip are going to be promising as we all know “The secret of happy hiking is happy feet”.

So how will we know what’s right for us? With quite 100 brands to decide on from, the important deal is to grasp what exactly we are trying to find. Hence with such a big amount of options, to create the most effective decision you need to ask yourself some very basic questions :

What sort of hiker are you?

  • Are you an occasional or regular hiker?
  • More of a daily hiker or distance hiker?

Hiking requires less effort in lightweight footwear, which might allow you to be more nimble on your feet. So whether you’re daily hiker or a distance hiker, occasional or regular hiker, your footgear should be light weighted, breathable and waterproof and may have a good toe box, which suggests they’re likely to suit almost any sort of foot.

What sort of support works for you?

  • Do you have weak ankles?
  • Do you have strong ankles?
  • Do you need arc support?

Hiking terrain plays a really important and significant role in footwear selection. Hence if you have got weak ankles i might suggest a full ankle support boot to guard your ankles. Whereas strong ankle people would be fine with a hiking shoe yet as boots.

Overall what you need to understand is that your hiking footgear must accomplish two vital tasks. First, it must provide ankle support to forestall sprains or the other ankle related injury. Second, it must protect you from the abuses of the terrain and nature. Here goes the list for the most effective Hiking shoes for girls –

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid

I’d especially recommend this classic hiking shoe and “mother of all boots” that continues to deliver. If you wish the proper hiking boots under $200, then Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid definitely fits the bill. This waterproof hiker is delightfully breathable and has many grips due to the Vibram sole. But let me remind you that the Moab 2 won’t be comfortable right out of the box. However, it’ll take a pair of hikes to interrupt these puppies in. there’s nothing too revolutionary about these boots, it’s their consistency that’s their strong suit.


  • Brand and Model – Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Well-padded ankle, comfortable, breathable
  • Cons – Lacks support underfoot, the lacing system is not very durable
  • Best Uses – delightfully breathable and have plenty of grips

Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Boot Hiking Boot

Ahnu Women's Sugarpine Boot Hiking Boot

The Sugarpine boots sport many arch and heel support. These hiking boots are, of course, designed for girls who love spending a good deal of their time outside. thereupon in mind, they need a female style and appearance to them which is incredibly pleasing to the attention, hence these hiking boots are specifically made for girls, or rather made with a woman`s feet in mind.

The best uses for the Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boots are light to medium day hiking, camping, and general outdoor activities. they will not be the most effective option for tougher trekking or backpacking trips. That doesn’t mean they won’t tackle the work though.


  • Brand and Model – Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots For Women
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Functional, comfortable and excellent value for money
  • Cons – Could offer more support around the ankles
  • Best Uses – Perfect for short to medium trail hiking

Adidas outdoor Women’s AX2 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Azura Hiking Shoes

What sold me was the only real and stability within the design for gripping the red rock dust trails that you simply are going to be hiking and also the awesome Adidas design. AX2 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot could be a fast, lightweight shoe that packs big protection and performance. The boot is meant to handle uneven and challenging terrain in a very sort of conditions. A Gore-Tex membrane keeps moisture out for dry comfort during stream crossings or across muddy trails. The durable rubber soles provide surefooted grip on both wet and dry surfaces so you’ll hike in confidence wherever the trail takes you.


  • Brand and Model – Adidas outdoor Women’s AX2 Mid Gore-Tex
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Comfortable, supportive, lightweight, fashionable, durable
  • Cons – Sizing can be off
  • Best Uses – fast, lightweight mid-cut boot for all hikes

The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX

 The North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiking Shoe

You will just like the North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX shoe best for light and fast hikes with none extra weight on your backs. Trust me this is often a decent middle of the road shoe. you’ll just like the traction on this shoe. The Vibram sole incorporates a fun bi-color design within the shape of a flower or limb. The inner rubber is soft and pliable, helping it to grip on slick surfaces. While I’ll suggest the Hedgehog for day hiking as critical any overnight trips with a heavier pack, they’re still a decent bet for somebody trying to find a light-weight pair for holy day hikes.


  • Brand and Model – The North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Lightweight, great support, good traction, breathable
  • Cons – Minimal cushioning
  • Best Uses – A great shoe for fast and light hiking

Merrell Women’s Azura Hiking Shoes

 Merrell Women's Azura Hiking Shoes

As if we needed another reason to love Merrell’s quality hiking footgear. This Merrell’s  Azura has stiff, solid soles for managing rugged terrain yet provides great padding on the tongue and around the ankle for comfort. They are stable and sturdy on rocky terrain, moderate trails, and even snow. But take my advice, Day hiking on easy to moderate terrain and light overnight backpacking trips are where these shoes are most at home. They are lightweight and comfortable, yet lack inadequate support for difficult terrain or long-distance backpacking. Spring and fall are the best seasons for these.


  • Brand and Model – Merrell Women’s Azura Hiking Shoes
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Comfortable, good traction, great support
  • Cons – Short laces, waterproofing isn’t the best
  • Best Uses – For day hiking and light backpacking in spring and fall

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

It’s a great boot right out of the box. A lot of reviewers and women have confirmed that breaking it in is no longer necessary. Comfort is the positive point that will impress all Keen Voyageur Mid buyers. It is also loved for its versatility and excellent ankle support. But on the other hand, the shoe has been heavily criticized for its underperforming sole unit. The basic conclusion point to all the buyers and consumers from my side is, the boot may have enough good points, but the quality of the sole might render consumers unsatisfied.


  • Brand and Model – KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Rugged, aggressive, breathable, roomy toe box, good traction
  • Cons – the quality of the sole might leave you unsatisfied
  • Best Uses – Aside from being a hiking boot, its style works in casual settings

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot

Anytime you are heading somewhere where it’s recently rained or if there’s a chance the weather may take a turn for the worse, then these are the hiking boots you can turn too. They break in quickly and are great for shorter hikes or if you’re getting into hiking. These boots are quite soft compared to other leather hikers.

This can be a huge plus initially regarding comfort, but once you are on for longer hikes, the Newton Ridge will not provide the level of support, and thus comfort, you are really used to. Let this sink in, these boots are comfortable, but they are not truly designed for rugged or long outings.


  • Brand and Model – Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Inexpensive, comfortable, good for a wide foot, simple design
  • Cons – Lacks breathability, lacks support underfoot
  • Best Uses – A leather boot ideal for the beginner hiker

SALOMON Women’s Ellipse 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe

SALOMON Women's Ellipse 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe

The Salomon Ellipse 2 GTX hiking shoes are described as the “superwoman of lightweight hiking shoes”. Ladies, you got to thank Salomon for investing extra time and money into making these hiking shoes that specifically suited to women. These ankle-length boots have been designed for hot summer days on the trail.  The split-suede leather outer is weather-resistant and durable.

Inside the shoes are lined with GoreTex to keep your feet warm and dry in inclement weather. One of the things you all will really like about this product is its versatility. The Salomon Ellipse is guaranteed to make every woman feel like a superwoman every step of the way.


  • Brand and Model – SALOMON Women’s Ellipse 2 GTX W Hiking Shoe
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, aggressive traction
  • Cons – No heel strap
  • Best Uses – have been designed for hot summer days on the trail

Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

The Oboz Sawtooth II is a fantastic hiking shoe for all kinds of hiking, from day hikes to multi-day adventures, in technical terrain or packed trails. If you are a hiker that likes to mix it up and be prepared for any kind of terrain, this is the shoe for you. The Oboz Sawtooth II is comfortable, even with a heavy pack, supportive, waterproof, and durable.

The traction is fantastic, even on steep and loose trails. They weigh a bit more than some other shoes, but given how well the shoe performs, I think it is worth carrying a little more weight. I especially appreciate their comfort, stability, waterproofness, and sticky rubber. Our feet are always happy at the end of an adventure in Sawtooth II and I think you will love them, too.


  • Brand and Model – Oboz Sawtooth II Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – Comfortable, stable, great traction, durable
  • Cons – Upper absorbs water (but doesn’t leak), a little heavy
  • Best Uses – It excels at day hikes, longer adventures, and tricky terrain

Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Q2 Hiking Shoes

Merrell Women's Siren Sport Q2 Hiking Shoes

Whether you favor a short day hike on moderate terrain or a long-distance, light backpacking trip across hundreds of miles, these hiking shoes are versatile enough for your trail adventures. They have a low profile design that is subtly colored. These simple design details allow them to be worn in the woods and in town.

They have durable Vibram soles, leather and mesh uppers, and, while not the most cushioned, they still manage to provide plenty of padding for comfort and lasting support. The removable insoles are antimicrobial and easy to wash when dirty. They have a simple design and are easy to keep clean.


  • Brand and Model – Merrell Women’s Siren Sport Q2 Hiking Shoes
  • Retail Price – Check price on Amazon
  • Pros – lightweight, traction, antimicrobial lining, long-lasting
  • Cons – minimal padding, the lining is abrasive to thin socks
  • Best Uses – Siren Sport is versatile enough for all trail adventures

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