Slollicum Peak Hike & Trail Guide, Chilliwack

Slollicum Peak hike is situated in Chilliwack and is almost 2 hours of drive from Vancouver. This hike is famous for Harrison lake view and 360-degree panoramic view from the top of the Slollicum mountain peak.

Slollicum Peak Hike Summary

  • Rating: Hard
  • Round trip distance: 13.2 km
  • Elevation Gain: 3800 feet
  • Time Needed: 6-7 hours
  • Type: Out & back
  • Season: June to September

Slollicum Hike Trail Guide

Slollicum Hike Trailhead and Parking

There is a bit of off-road drive to the Slollicum Peak trailhead. The drive is first along the Harrison East Forest Service Road. And then comes an off-road forkTaway from Harrison East Forest Service road. Here is the Google maps location of the fork. You can either park your vehicle at the fork there and start the hike or you can further drive one km up and save some elevation gain which is roughly about 1 KM from the Harrison East Forest Service road junction as shown in the picture below. There is also a sign board showing Slollicum Mountain Peak sign.

Slollicum Peak Hike Off-road Trail sign on Harrison East Forest Service Road

Continue on the off-road for almost a km. The off-road has some ditches and it is recommended to have high clearance vehicles. But I have seen smaller vehicles that make it through as well. The off-road is enough for one vehicle to pass at some places. So be careful when you plan to park as other vehicles might want to cross your vehicle too. You also get a nice view of the Harrison lake. Park your vehicle approximately after a km. Once you park your vehicle, continue walking on the off-road. You will another sign for the Slollicum peak as shown below. The sign below is very easy to miss to keep an eye out for it.

Slollicum Peak Hike Marker at the trailhead
Slollicum Peak Hike Marker at the trailhead

Slollicum Hike Starts

Once you start following the trail, there are no markers initially so keep looking out for stone cairns, or stone heaps and keep following them. After some time, around 5 minutes, you will start seeing the markers all the way through to the top.

Next Junction after 400 meters from the previous Marker

Continue hiking for almost 400 meters from the marker shown previously. after 400 meters, you will come across another junction after crossing the forest area. Once you arrive at this fork, you have to take a left from here. You will also see a similar iron sign there and also a marker there on the tree right across. You also get a view of the Harrison lake from this junction.

Next Fork After 2KM from Previous Fork

The trail from the previous fork is almost flat for the next 2 KMs. The trail is wide and graveled with many water streams and small waterfalls en-route. After walking on the 2KM almost flat trail, you will come to another junction near a water stream where you will another marker for Slollicum peak.

Another Slollicum Mountain Peak marker from where trail becomes steep
Another Slollicum Mountain Peak marker from where trail becomes steep

Till Slollicum Peak

Almost until the Slollicum peak, you will be hiking along the water stream most of the time. The trail becomes steeper from here almost until the Slollicum peak or for the next 3KMs. There are a few spots where you can get closer to the water stream too. We also encountered icy conditions towards the end of May. So be careful of the tree wells and slippery icy trail and it is advisable to carry crampons if you are hiking early in the season

There is also a nice viewpoint midway from where you get a nice view of the Harrison lake almost 1 KM from the last Junction. This is a nice spot to take a break before hiking further up. Soon, you will also cross a water stream and the hike gets even steeper following that.

Eventually, you will arrive at the ridge following the markers. The view from here onwards until the Slollicum peak is breathtaking. You get an almost 360-degree panoramic view of the mountains and lakes surrounding the Slollicum peak. The trail almost becomes easier from here to the Slollicum peak. There are three small peaks that make up the Slollicum peak. I could not go beyond the second peak because I was very tired. But the view was awesome from any of the peaks.

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