Scenic Sakleshpur to Yedakumeri photoblog: Images and details


Some of the best pictures from the Sakleshpur Yedekumeri Railway trek also called as “Green route trek” because of the greenery of the western Ghats hills, tens of tunnels and twenties of waterfalls.  Read the detailed blog of Sakleshpur Yedekumeri Green route trek here

A 100 meters tunnel on sakleshpur railway trek

A railway tunnel on the wayA snailA snail lying on the railway tracksa watefall on sakleshpur trekA waterfall on full fledge (Picture taken from one of the railway bridges)A waterfall and railway tunnel on sakleshpur trekAnother Tunnel accompanied by the greenery and waterfallEncounter with a train inside the tunnel on Sakleshpur trekA train inside the tunnel while I was also inside the tunnelFacing a train on sakleshpur railway trekA goods train coming on our way (That was a very scary moment)Monsoon clouds, western ghats on Sakleshpur railway trekFog hanging along the hill
Old railway bridge on sakleshpur trekAn old bridgeRailway bridge on sakleshpur railway  trekRailway track and rustic bridgeReflection of train  head-light on the wall of tunnel on sakleshpur trekReflection of train lights on the wet walls of the tunnelSakleshpur railway trekrailway tracks
Waterfall beside the railway track on sakleshpur trekWaterfallsYedeekumeri railway stationYedekumeri railway station

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