Mount Crickmer Hike, Mission, BC, Canada

Mount Crickmer hike is one of the lesser-known yet the most beautiful hikes situated in Mission, west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mount Crickmer Hike Trail Summary

  • Distance from Vancouver: 75 Km (Around 1.5 hours)
  • Hike length: 20 Km (round trip)
  • Elevation gain: 1254 meters or 4100 feet
  • Hiking duration: 6-8 hours usually
  • Hike Difficulty: Hard
  • Dogs allowed: yes
  • Trail type: Out and Back

Mount Crickmer Trailhead & parking

The trailhead is situated at this Google map location: There is also a parking lot almost 300 meters before the trailhead. Here is the google map location of the parking lot: There is also a small outhouse near the parking lot with a capacity of around 15 vehicles. You can either park your vehicle at the parking lot or at the trailhead.

Mount Crickmer Hiking Video

Mount Crickmer Trail

Forest Service Road

The first 4.5 Km of the mount Crickmer hike is along the Forest Service Road (FSR). This part of the hike is a bit boring. Having a hiking buddy would be helpful. However, it has some minor viewpoints along the trail. The trail is also well-marked with board signs every 500 meters. On average, it took us around 20 minutes per kilometer. There were also a few parts of the forest that were deforested. I think that was on purpose by the forest department. Along the hiking trail, you will also come across many water streams.

Fork after 3 KM

There is a fork just after the 3 Km marker. It took us almost an hour to hike the first three km. Keep right at the fork.

End of FSR (Forest Service Road)

At the end of the FSR, at around 4.5km, there is a fork, and take the right narrow trail to mount Crickmer. The trail is a bit overgrown here and some bushwhacking might also be required

Old logging bridge

The old logging bridge is situated at 6.2Kms from the trailhead. It took us almost 2 hours to the old logging bridge from the trailhead. There is also a nice view of the waterfall from there. After the old logging bridge, the trail gets thicker and denser but the trail is well-marked throughout. On the way, you will also cross several water streams. We first encountered snow at around 1000 meters of elevation. And we hiked in the snow until the peak. Having gator and crampons was definitely helpful. Though there are some steep sections too which gets more difficult in the snow.

There is a rope section but it’s relatively easier. There are another 500 meters of hike left after the rope section. It was a very foggy day so we did not get any view from the top but we had fun and we had a small campfire too.

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