Blue Gentian, Lost Lake Via Brothers Creek Loop Hike & Trail Guide

Blue Gentian and Lost Lake via Brothers Creek Loop is an 8.5-kilometer long hike with a total of 1300 feet of elevation gain. It is situated in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Blue Gentian and Lost Lake via Brothers Creek Loop Hike Summary

  • Rating: Moderate
  • Distance: 8.5 km
  • Elevation Gain: 1330 feet
  • Time Needed: 4 hours
  • Type: Loop
  • Season: May to October
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes

Brother’s creek Loop Hike Video Guide

Brother’s Creek Loop Trailhead

Here is the link to the Brother’s creek loop trailhead. You can see a wide gravel road leaving from the trailhead.

brothers creek trail head

When we reached at the trailhead, there was a notice that the Brother’s creek bridge at the end of the Brother’s creek fire access road was washed out.

Brother’s Creek Loop Hike in Details

The first 300 meters hike is on a wide gravel road and it meets Boden Powell trail.

Once you see the above sign when you meet Boden Powell trail, take a left from there and walk for 100 meters and keep looking out for Brother’s creek loop hike sign as shown below

After 200 meters on the above trail, you will also see 1912 mill site

The entire trail is well-marked. The trail is wide mostly till the Brother’s creek. This trail runs along Brother’s creek fire road. This trail is also shared by the bikers. After the first 2 km, you will see thick forest and old growths along the trail. Some of the trees will have very thick trunks.

It is around 3.1 KM till the Brother’s creek. The trail is an entire-time upslope and the elevation gain till the brother’s creek is around 1100 feet. The bridge was washed out at Brother’s creek but you can still cross from one side to another to complete the loop.

Brother’s Creek to Lost Lake

You will see a signpost pointing to Lost lake at Brother’s creek.

The trail becomes narrow and more technical from here. Lost lake is around 500 meters from here but the trail is muddy and very technical because of tree roots. It takes around 15 minutes to reach Lost Lake from Brother’s creek. The Lost Lake is a very peaceful place and serene place.

Lost Lake to Blue Gentian Lake

From Lost Lake to Blue Gentian Lake, the distance is around 1 KM but the trail becomes even more technical. There could be some patches of snow on this part of trail as lake as mid June. But the trail becomes accessible without micro spikes mid-May usually but it also depends on the weather.

The trail is well marked throughout and is full of tree roots. You will to cross Brother’s creek almost 200 meters before Blue Gentian lake and another water stream almost 25 meters before the Blue Gentian Lake. The markers are clearly visible across the creek.

Once you cross the Brother’s creek to the Westside, there is no elevation gain. You lose elevation throughout. Blue Gentian lake takes around 20-30 minutes from the Lost Lake.

Once you reach Blue Gentian Lake, take left to remain on the loop. From the Blue Gentian lake, the Brother’s creek point where the bridge was washed is around 1 KM and takes around 20-30 minutes. The West side of the hike is more beautiful as you get multiple viewpoints of Brother’s creek and waterfalls.

However, the trail is not as wide as East side of the Brother’s creek where you hike along the Brother’s Creek fire road and is full of tree roots for the most of the parts.

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