5 Healthy Snacks To Bring On Your Next Hike

There are plenty of articles out there detailing the most effective gear for hikes and also the best tips for hikes, except for an honest hike, though, you furthermore mght need healthy hiking snacks.When you’re out there on the trail, your body exerts lots of energy. It’s crucial to stay it fueled so you’ll keep yourself energized and moving, irrespective of how far the winding path takes you. Now’s not the time to stint on healthy fats, complex carbs and salt.

When you find that perfect spot to prevent in, to catch your breath, to require within the view and to feed your rumbling tummy, having the proper snack makes it all worthwhile. I made the terrible mistake one too persistently thinking that basic trail mix would suffice. Mainly because I didn’t want to hold anything heavy and didn’t realize how hungry you’ll get after some hours within the heat heading uphill.

If you’re searching for some good healthy snacks for hikers to require along on your next hike and you’re unsure what to pack for your next outdoor escapade, than here are a number of the most effective hiking snacks to bring along which will make your snack breaks almost as enjoyable because the trail.


healthy snacks for hikers

We can’t leave vegetables off this list. they will be the thing you avoided on your plate once you were a child, but Vegetables have great health benefits that boost immunity and help digestion. When packing your veggies, choose heartier ones like carrots, celery and broccoli that may withstand long periods without refrigeration. you’ll also bring along cucumbers, which are mostly water and can help keep you hydrated. Add a bit hummus for added protein to any of those options, and you’ve got a powerhouse snack for your hike.

Homemade Granola

healthy snacks for hikers

The bottom line. Granola may be a nutritious, filling cereal. oatmeal, nuts and a bit little bit of sweetness — there are such a large amount of things to like about granola. It’s easy to search out, stuffed with flavor and won’t go bad irrespective of how long your hike lasts. Store-bought granola tends to carry lots of additional ingredients you don’t need. Make your own granola reception by toasting oatmeal and mixing together with your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Use sugar, honey, agave or sirup to sweeten.


healthy snacks for hikers

This protein-packed treat has been a favourite among hikers for years. Not only is it delicious and simple to pack, but it also helps refuel the muscles that you’ve been using and also the protein can help to stay your blood glucose at healthy levels during your trip. It’s got plenty of flavor, but it’s also got plenty of dehydrating sodium. So atiny low serving is ok, but don’t over-pack. You’ll find yourself wasting all of your water on replenishing yourself from your snack.

Tuna & Goldfish

healthy snacks for hikers

Tuna is one in every of those magical non-perishable miracle snacks. I can guess what you’re thinking. Fish on the trail? But bring a can of easy open unsalted tuna and a bag of Goldfish and yes, eat them together. Pretend you’re an adult which the tuna is caviar and also the Goldfish may be a fancy cracker. Period!

Fresh or Dried Fruits

healthy snacks for hikers

Fruit, with its present sugars and an additional dose of hydration, will always make the proper snack for any occasion. Fruit, especially edible fruit, they’re an honest source of natural carbs and taste good. you’ll always go for energy-dense edible fruit like raisins, craisins, banana chips or apple chips.

If you’re visiting bring fresh fruit on a hike i might recommend something like an apple or orange because they’ll interruption better in a very backpack than something like strawberries or grapes. May I suggest cutting up your favorite fruit and mixing it with a bit cinnamon or cayenne pepper for one more kick?


healthy snacks for hikers

It should come as no surprise, but proper eating and drinking the day of, and even a pair of days before, a hike can impact whether you’ve got a pleasurable time or whether you hit a wall on the trail.

Not all calories are created equal. in keeping with the American Heart Association, the most fuel for your muscles comes from carbohydrates. Select easily digestible carbohydrates to eat before exercise so you don’t feel sluggish. The act of hiking can suppress your appetite, so attempt to feed yourself anyway as calories play a very important role in regulating temperature.

What To Eat Before a Hike

Carbs are key. For a brief morning hike, fuel yourself with a lightweight breakfast like eggs, whole grain non-sugary cereal or oatmeal. Other pre-day hike food ideas include whole-wheat toast, low-fat yogurt, whole grain pasta, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables.

What To Eat After a Hike

When picking your after-hike meal, explore options with protein and sophisticated sugars. It may be a fast energy bar snack within the car, a packed meal left in a very car cooler or a meal at your favorite restaurant on the way home. irrespective of the source, it’s advised to refuel within one hour of your hike.

From maple bacon chocolate bars to oat and fruit squeezes to crunch popcorn, food technology has increased over the previous few years, leading to many new snack options.


healthy snacks for hikers

Pre-hike, try and drink about 20-32 ounces of water. Avoid hitting the trail if you haven’t pre-hydrated. Once your hike has begun, attempt to drink another 32 ounces for every two miles hiked, give or take. Take frequent, small sips—even before you are feeling thirsty. And don’t ditch your furry friend! If you hike with man’s ally, confirm to bring along a second supply of water and container for your pup to drink from.

As a simple rule, if you’re only drinking water when you’re thirsty, you’re already behind.

As appealing as a summit beer may sound, save any alcohol consumption (or sodas, tea, coffee, etc.) until after you’ve finished the hike and have replenished food and water levels. To replenish your water levels, drink at least 8 ounces immediately after your hike. Alcohol and beverages with high caffeine levels can have adverse effects when trying to stay hydrated.

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