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Bamberg is a small town in Bavaria, Germany situated beside river regnitz. Its historic town center is listed as the Unesco World Heritage site.

I went there with my friend Sam whose hometown is Nuremberg. Bamberg is situated 60 kms north to Nuremberg. This town is not so famous town as a tourist hotspot. Even though little known to many tourists, this town offers a nice view along the river regnitz. That’s why it is also famous as the little venice of Europe.

Regnitz river view is breathtaking. Unlike many German cities, river is wide here like in natural landscape. The town is sleepy and silent. There are many restaurrants along the river regnitz in Bamberg which offer a nice view of the historic architectural town, maroon and red sloppy roof, yellow stone walls and blue water of river regnitz.

What to do there?

  • Take a stroll along the river Regnitz
  • Nice photography location for sunrise and sunset
  • Have famous Bavarian beer and pommes frites
  • Take a ferry ride in river regnitz
  • Explore the city on bicycle

River Regnitz view, Bamberg, Germany Gallery

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