Holocaust memorial to murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin

I had never seen such a big cemetery with uncountable number of solid and concrete graves in middle of the city in memorial of war victims. Each such grave is called a stela. I search for the meaning of this archaeological term over google and it says “an upright stone slab or column typically bearing a commemorative inscription or relief design, often serving as a gravestone”.

Holocaust memorial to murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin (2)

That was so true for this graveyard memorial. Those hundreds of stones were made in remembrance to the murdered Jews of Europe during world war. One thing I noticed was every grave in form of a stela or concrete block was equal in base area but were different in height. So when you take a look from an end towards this innumerable number of stela, you will feel confusing. And that will really scare you a lot. Scarier part is when you start walking along the aisle in between the grave yard rows. Though that would not scary much but still gives a kind of sad feeling to walk amid the graveyard of war victims who were brutally and purposefully murdered.

Holocaust memorial to murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin (1)

If I had to explanation that from an author’s perspective, I would write:
Imagine an innocent soul of an angel like girl lost amid thousands of such big graves of a cemetery. Imagine her running and trying to find a path to come outside. All path look the same and all path look long. The same had been the condition of the murdered Jews. Running and trying to find a haven to save their souls in that cruel world. Surely, I could not stay there for long. Except for taking some pictures, I could not find anything interesting to do there. Obviously, that’s not a fun place so we returned after some time.


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