History & fall of Berlin wall: World war facts & Division of Germany

People who are interested in world war two, Nazi and Hitler often ask following questions:

  • Why Berlin wall was built?
  • What are facts about Berlin wall?
  • What is the history behind the Berlin wall?
  • How is the Berlin wall related to the second world war, Nazi, Hitler etc.?
  • What was the time period for which the Berlin wall stood erected?
  • Why Berlin wall fell finally?

berlin wall (1)

And many more questions come into the scene. Well, it is evident that history and theories behind the historical facts have books, papers and documentaries trying to explain them. But, I will try to explain the reason behind all these in terms of a common man who has the basic knowledge of second world war, Nazism, Hitler, Germany’s role in second world war and it’s consequences. So, let’s start with these questions one by one. But before I start I will give little preface about the world wars.

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Hitler, second world war and Germany losing the war:

Hitler was a soldier in world war one. He has a simple motive of taking Germany to another height after it’s defeat in first world war. You might ask me then if Hitler was a bad guy then why people supported him. Well to that I would ask you to imagine the economical, social and also, mental condition of citizens of a country which fought a world war. To be noticed, I wrote world war so you understand that it was not just a war between two countries but rather that was a war “among the countries” where Germany was leading it’s side. Now. Once you lead your side, you surely need financials to support the war irrespective of the reason you are fighting the war. Because in those scenarios, a mere war turns more into a war of pride and also the leaders see the geo-political and financial profits that they
harness at the end of the war. To support its war, a country would start harnessing its most of the economical and natural resources which would lead a country into bankruptcy, poverty and no-rules at all.

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Coming to the why Hitler got so famous. People in distress who were looking out for some hope found their hopes in the strong words and leadership of Hitler. Well, not everyone could foresee the result and impact of the world war on Germany. Thus, Hitler got a massive support from German and He, soon, took the control in his hands. He led his forces in the war and also lost the second world war.

berlin wall mark near brandenburg gate

berlin wall mark near brandenburg gate

Situations after Germany lost the war:

So, Germany lost the second world war. Looking at the massive destruction that Germany had caused to herself and to the world, Berlin- capital of Germany was being controlled by western allies: US, Britain, Soviet Union and France. So that, Germany doesn’t take such steps ahead. There were many sanctions were put on Germany. In short, from her capital Berlin, western allies were making sure the Germany does not disturb the world peace.

eastern side gallery at berlin wall

Cold war after second world war to Divison of Germany:

After the second world war was over, two major world powers emerged, US and Soviet Union. Since there can be only one lion in a jungle. If there are two, there would be a hostile condition prevailing. Such hostile and tensed
situation between US and Soviet Union- the world powers, existed after the second world war. Since both the world powers were also a part of control and sanction over Germany, it lead to the division of Berlin and Germany.

Eastern side gallery berlin

Eastern side gallery berlin

Division of Germany and Berlin wall:

So, two major powers decided that the Germany should be divided among them and also the Berlin. So Germany was divided and also the city of Berlin was divided and a Berlin wall was built. Western half of Germany went under the control of US and Eastern Half of the Germany went under the control of Soviet Union. Since Berlin lied in the Western half of the Germany to the capital was also divided into two halves by building a wall called as Berlin wall. East Berlin belonged to the Soviet Union and West Berlin belonged to the US. Berlin wall was built in the city in 1961 when cold war between US and Soviet union was at peak.

eastern side gallery, Berlin

eastern side gallery, Berlin

I hope the above explanations answer the following three questions:

  • Why Berlin wall was built?
  • What is the history behind the Berlin wall?
  • How is the Berlin wall related to the second world war, Nazi, Hitler etc.?

graffiti on Berlin wall

Interesting facts about Berlin wall and events that led to the collision of Berlin wall:

  • When the Berlin wall was built. There were two walls which were built. There was also a no man’s land in between the walls called the “Death Strip”. The name itself describes a lot about the no man’s land area.To ensure that no human or vehicle can cross from east Berlin to west berlin and vice versa. There were watch towers, beds of nails, runs for watch dogs, flood lights, wire trench and even machine gun.
  • There are many such incidents that couples, family, friends got separated for years. Around 5000 people tried to cross over the wall but none could make it. There was a shoot-at-sight order and around 150 lost their lives instantly while trying to escape the wall.
  • There were crossing points set to facilitate people from crossing one side to another. Even visa stamps were issued to a person crossing from one to another side of Berlin. Such points were checkpoint charlie, brandenburg gate etc.
  • However, East Germans were clever and bold enough to use hot balloons, sports car to ram against the wall, use sewer holes to cross across the berlin wall.
  • In 1989, a lot of radical and political changes started happening in the East Berlin. There was lot of unrest among the people. People started gathering near to wall in masses. Crowds started climbing and crossing the wall.
  • On 3rd October, 1990, this paved the way for the German reunification.
  • By 1992, most of the wall was demolished.

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