Sushi experience @ Japanese restaurant, Berlin

A Japanese restaurant is not lesser than a restaurant shown in the movies. Dim lights, dragons or faces, paper lights, peaceful ambience and very courteous waiters are integral part of a Japanese restaurants.

I and Sam will always feel lazy and hungry on sundays. Our day used to start late in the morning with a bread-omelette as our only breakfast sometimes with orange juice. In the afternoon, I would always look forward to Sam for taking me to interesting places like flea market, second hand shop (because I wanted an olive green jacket and we could find that nowhere and flea market was our last resort), nice bar where others will combine to play games, in the park or trying out some new dishes at new restaurants.

Most of restaurants offer Sunday meal at discounted price. People like to sit outside in the sun and laze out on meal slowly with a beer. This time we headed for a Japanese restaurants for Sushi. That was the first time, I was going to eat Sushi. On top of that, that was the first time, I would use chopsticks to eat Sushi.


Chopsticks though look simple but a lot of technicality is involved in using it. Specially in holding the chopsticks. but that was interesting to learn and then use it. Another thing which made me it’s instant fan was Wasabi. Wasabi has got different kind of hotness than garlic or paper. Since then, we started going to Asian store and we won’t forget to pick a Wasabi-coated peanut box and keep it at our dining table with beer.


When it comes to giving tips, usually people pay 10% of the total bill amount. For example: Each meal costed us around 10 Euros and we paid 2 Euros as tips from two persons.
If tips is not paid then it is assumed that a customer did not like the food at the restaurant.

Eating Sushi

What new things you should expect to see at a Japanese restaurants:

Eating with Bamboo chopsticks
The very hard and pungent smell and taste of Wasabi sauce (Green in colour)
Vinegared rice, an important part of Sushi dish
Sushi served as rolled rice
Eating dishes with Soya sauce

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