Soviet war memorial from world war 2: Treptower park, Berlin

About Treptower Park:

Treptower park is a war memorial made by Soviet union in the hear of Berlin after the second world war was over. This park memorial also serves as a military cemetary for the Soviet union soldier. This war memorial reminds of the sacrifice and deaths of the Russian soldiers who died in the battle of Berlin. Below are the description of the treptower park along with the pictures.

treptower park at berlin by russians

Entrance to the Treptower park:

Treptower park has a wide entrance. However, beyond a certain point no one is allowed to ride bicycle. So one has to park the bicycle almost at the main entrance and from there one has to walk to the war memorial. A series of trees and long grass lawns awaits at the entrance.

treptowerGranite rock blocks and concrete roads have been laid from the entrance to the park. The park is magnificent in itself.

treptower park in berlinThere also are some legends about the statues of the Russian soldiers raised in the park. At the heart of the treptower park, there is a big black marble statue of a Russian soldier holding a baby in one hand and holding a sword in another. This statue is a famous statue from the fire once errupted during the war of Berlin during second world war. The soldier jumped into the fire to save the baby girl.

treptower park full view, berlinApart from the main war memorial statues, one can also see a lot of cemetary monument of soldiers all the along the perimeter of the park. The main purpose of having so many cemetary memorial was to commemorate the Russian soldeiers who died in the second world war in battle of Berlin.

full view of the treptower park, berlinIn the above picture you can see the soldier holding the sword in right hand and a baby in the left.

in front of treptower park berlinIt was still winter when we visited the park. So I am dressed up fully covered.

cycling to treptower park with german friendsHere are my German friends in the picture who offered us a visit to the treptower park. And we rode bikes until there before locking them making secure.

A russian soldier at treptower parkThis picture shows a Russian soldier paying respect to the war heroes. You can notice his head down, eyes closed, gun kept on the ground upside down, helmet on his lap and he is also kneeling before. This is a sign of paying tribute to the war heroes who were killed at the battle of Berlin.


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