Pommesfrites, Mayo and Berlin

Pommesfrites and mayoinesse: I love them

I have always loved eating frech fries, called by different names as frites, finger chips, fries, chips, or deep-fried potato. That day Tobias, mo and Dine were taking me to Berlin east side gallery. Well, Berlin east side gallery is a place where people have done a lot of paintings, graffiti over Berlin wall which once divided east Berlin from west Berlin.

Sun was almost going down and we had been roaming around for almost 6 hours and we were tired as well. The best thing about Berlin was you can grab a bottle of beer from anywhere and you can start drinking at any place, not all but almost anywhere.

So, finally we decided that we would have some beer before we will proceed for our flats. We went to a near by shop and grabbed some beers and sat near by river Spree with our beers. I loved eating french fries. I don’t know why but I loved a lot over there. May be they used different cooking oil to fry and there were very fresh but they were surely different from Indian french fries.

Credit- httpwww.adventurouskate.com

Credit- httpwww.adventurouskate.com

A small pack of pommesfrites costs around 1 Euro. They call it klein pommesfrites means small french fries. Next part was how would I live to have that with Ketchup or with mayonnaise. May be I had eaten mayonnaise before in India also but I never knew the name. I hardly remember the name of so many things I have eaten.

It was obvious that I would get surprised to it. I asked Tobi what was mayonnaise and he explained me. I took a look at and that was more like a pale white cream tasting little salty and sweet. Since then I became a fan of Pommesfrites with mayonnaise. Wherever shall I go, I would love to get a pack of those and enjoy the splendid taste sitting in my own warmth.

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