Lietzensee park, Charlottenburg, Berlin

I and Sam share a lot of things in common. Like birth month, Birth days (not falling apart for more than 24 hours); we are nature lovers; we think same about the life and spirituality. Though he thinks he is smarter, sorry sam! but not always. Hehe. Anyway.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (4)

Being nature lovers, one day Sam asked me to go to a park near by. Well if you are an Indian and when you hear the word “park” there are certain things which comes over to your mind. Like ice cream vendors, couples sitting behind the bush trying to find some private time, little kids shouting and a few young people trying to oogle at girls. I almost thought the same but I had to restrict my thoughts because until I had not seen how a park looks like in Berlin, I was not supposed to assume something.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (2)

Lietzensee, a small lake (See means lake in German) was just 10 minutes of walk from our flat. I was really excited to see how a park looked like in Berlin. To Sam, that must have been a regular park but for me that was a nice experience. Natural habitat is no way deformed or manipulated in any case. Ex Koot birds could swim freely in the see-water without any prospective threat.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (3)

People respect the nature and they are conscious of not disturbing the nature. People also respect the privacy and even if you are drinking beer or eating something or kissing your girlfriend. no one is going to care for you. The difference is in India, still some people leave behind the trash because there are no trash cans near by and they do not want to carry the trash home.

lietenzen see park, Berlin in winter (1)

Kissing is common there so that’s why people can kiss in the bus, train, metro or on the streets. And in India, people take that offensive and that’s why for a couple in love, behind the bush is a place to hide to not to offense others.
See-water is not dirty at all and people do not swim in just any lake. Government also takes care of the lakes and in summer, people flock by to enjoy bathing in the lake under warm sun. There is greenery everywhere, trees are maintained and a park look like a park. Over the time, I along with Sam, Christi and Sophie would go there to have beer and enjoy the sunse or play with the Larse, Sam’s dog.

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