Hohenzollern Crypt & coffins, Berlin cathedral church, Germany

Hohenzollern Crypt is the name of the basement underneath the Berlin cathedral church. These basements have a particular name and are called “Crypt”. Most of the European churches will have a crypt underneath the church. A crypt will mostly look like a stone chamber with lot of pillars. I think these pillars are used to support to the church from beneath.

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These crypts are a scary places to me personally because they are used to store the coffins and other religious relics. In the crypt of Berlin cathedral church, there are a lot of coffins of different sizes and style. Some coffins are very beautiful and looks magnificent from outside. I think when someone with higher authority died they were given a bigger coffin. because those coffins would also have a lot of ornamental arts above them. These bigger coffins also occupy a special place inside the crypt. These bigger coffins, I think, belonged to the royal family or pope or bigger father. Smaller coffins belonged to the smaller priests.

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All the coffins will be marked with the name, designation and life period of the person. However, the lighting there would not be so bright. It would mostly be dull red or little dark color. I think this lighting system is so because it can match the ambience of sad demise of someone from higher authority.

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