Berlin flea market

In this world of globalization, new fashion kicking in everyday and good brands not coming at affordable prices, I found second hand shop at Berlin, the most convenient place to buy some clothings at affordable prices. Not for long for a winter or so.

Being an Indian, not to be denied that it is in my gene that I would compare prices (I know it’s a foolishness to do it in Europe but I could not stop my mind from starting thinking). I found almost everything very costly except at some stores like Primark or H&M on discounts.

I don’t know where did I get the penchant for having a olive green jacket. May be, I saw Sam, my brother like room-mate in Germany, wearing a same kind of jacket. We tried at many shops but finding that jacket was really tough and then we thought of cycling to Second-hand shops or flea shops to try finding a same kind of jacket.

Moritz, my another friend took me to the flea market. Well, I was little scared but in my wild imagination, I imagined flea market more like a chor-bazaar in India.

The flea shop was little secluded from the main town in Old Berlin beside river spree. The whole shop was more like a big Garage shop with a big front iron doors. They sell almost everything from Gramophone to sofa to antique horse saddle to old table lamps to world war military jackets.

Later I realized why flea market was a special thing in itself to go to. because people will find some antique things at cheaper price.

What to expect in a flea market?

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