Tughlaqabad Fort, Another Haunted place in Delhi: Timing & Entry

Well, to me, Tughlaqabad fort is just another tourist destination in Delhi but for others, Tughlaqabad fort might be just another haunted place in Delhi which excites them. One such another haunted place in Delhi is Agrasen ki Baoli.

Tughlaqabad fort from a distance

Tughlaqabad fort history:

This third city of Delhi was constructed by GHIYASU’D-DIN TUGHLAQ in AD 1321-1325. The fort is renowned for the prescriptions due to which it remains abandoned from ages. Ghiyasu’d din was so barmy for making the fort that he ordered every labor in Delhi to work on this fort upsetting saint Nizamuddin Auliya (saint) who got furious as the work on his Baoli (well) stopped and cursed the fort to either remain abandoned or occupied by Gujjars (Ferocious tribe).

Tughlaqabad fort premises

How to reach Tughlaqabad fort?

Even though the bus stop is a few minutes away from the fort, it will be only convenient if you are starting your journey from Badarpur, Noida or Gurgaon.

Bus numbers that stops at Tughlaqabad fort: 34, 34ext ,414, 511, 525, 544, 874 LTD, 714 and 717.

Nearest metro station to Tughlaqabad fort: Govindpuri of the violet metro line is 5km away from the fort. From there, take an auto rickshaw for Rs 50 of minimum fair.

Tughlaqabad fort Opening days: Opened on all days of the week.
Tughlaqabad fort entry timings: 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tughlaqabad fort entry fee: For Indians, the entry fee is Rs 5 and for foreigners, it is Rs 100.

Tughlaqabad fort tomb, Delhi

We enter by walking on the giant stairs which were so made for the elephants to give rides to the royalty. Make sure to wear a good pair of shoes as the terrain is mostly uneven and thorny. We see the ruins of the huge walls which gives the place a haunting atmosphere. We climb up the stairs to reach the top of the fort to see the alacritous view and then trace the mystic tunnel which leads from the Tughlaqabad fort to the unknown citadel of Adilabad.

everywhere from the height, the beautifully constructed mausoleum of Tughlaq is visible which deserves a click. We finally go into the mausoleum which is on the other side of the road and see the grave of Tughlaqs. The mausoleum has good views with greenery everywhere.

Broken fort walls for Tughlaqabad fort

This place deserves a visit if you are an explorer plus this place has some great shots for the photo lovers. It is recommended to visit the fort in the morning as it has great views during this time.

Food options near Tughlaqabad fort:

Make sure you visit this place with a full stomach as there is no trace of vendors and the only shop present provides every item for a higher price than usual.

Remnants of Tughlaqabad fort, Delhi

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  1. sveta

    Not safe for girls, people are not good inside fort,today i visit and shocked to know bad truth. It was bad experience for me and my mother. i will never visit this place

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