Russian Christmas in Panji, Goa

It is said that Goa starts partying from the beginning of the december. Russians starts to arrive in Goa; resorts and hotels start to fill up. Come Christmas at the year end followed by the new year eve celebration, Goa witnesses one of the most spectaculer beach parties and fun along the sea shore. But, when many think that the party time is over after almost two weeks of long holiday, it’s time for them to rejuvenate once again.

Christ Church, Kasauli at Night

The Russian Christmas in Goa:

Yes, the russian christmas in Goa is not known much but yet it is held grand and with full fervent among the Russians in Goa. Indians and other nationalities also participate in this grand celebration. Russian Christmas comes exactly 13 days after the English Christmas. Since more than half of the tourists in Goa are Russian, Russian Christmas is one of very rare events and celebrations to look out for in Goa.

Lubov recently arrived in Panji from Moscow with her friends. She was surprised to the celebration of a festival from her country in a foreign country like India.

[su_quote]”I generally do not celebrate Christmas at Home but when I saw people celebration Russian Chritmas in Goa here, I felt like I should do participate.”[/su_quote]

Russian Christmas is almost a mirror of English Christmas. Decorating the house then attending midnight masses an then relishing home cook foods which is more often traditionally cooked meat and sweets.

The fervor of the Russian Christmas is not only limited to the tourists or locals or tourists who have been in Goa for long. But also, star Hotels throw a buffet party for the same. The Theme is mostly related to the Christmas, location and ambience is also made over accordingly and as well as the type of food served to the people. After the food, desserts are served and some of the desserts are classy Russian desserts likeĀ open and closed end pie.

Well, the meal and mid night masses is followed by a heavy party often and next day relaxing on the Goan beach under the warm winter sun.Russian girl Relaxing on Goan beach in winter

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