Pattadakal Travel Guide: Group of Monuments & temples

Pattadakal is a small historical town situated at a distance of around 25 Km from the historical town of Badami and 135 Km Northwest of Hampi. Pattadakal is famous for the group of monuments, especially temples, which were made by the Chalukyas. Most of these temples were erected during the 8th century CE in the Vesara style of Hindu temple architecture.

Pattadakal travel Guide

Pattadakal was designated a world heritage site in 1987 along with the other groups of monuments in the North Karnataka like Hampi, Aihole, Badami etc. The town of Pattadakal has both Dravidian (Southern) and the Nagara (Northern, Indo-Aryan) styles of temple architecture.

The group of monuments is located beside the river Malaprabha. There are a lot of temples dedicated to different Hindu Gods mainly, Vishnu & Shiva. Some of the famous temples are:

  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Sangameshvara Temple
  • Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Kashivisvanatha Temple
  • Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara temples
  • Galganatha Temple

Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal

The most famous of these all temples is Virupaksha Temple. Virupaksha temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Inside the temple, on the temple pillars, you can see the story of Mahabharata scripted on the pillars. It is advisable to take a guide to know the history and amazing facts behind the architecture of these temples.

On my last visit to Pattadakal, I saw some Shiva deity taking a dip in the river Malaprabha and then doing Shashtang to the Virupaksha temple with a banana leaf in their hands.

There are many other Virupaksha temple throughout the south India and another famous Virupaksha temple is in Hampi. You can also see different Avatars of lord Vishnu carved on the temple walls and outside.

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Pattadakal entry fee & other facilities

There is an entry fee of Rs. 30 for entering Pattadakal monuments and temples. However, for a camera (not digicam but DSLR or point and shoot), you will have to pay extra for that.

Other facilities at Pattadakal premises include Bathroom facilities, grass lawns, sitting benches in the parks etc. Just outside the entrance gate, there are small shops which serve fruits, snacks, cold drinks and local cuisines etc. There is not any proper vehicle parking facility. Just outside the entrance gate, you can park your vehicle roadside.

Pattadakal road condition & local culture

The road condition from Badami to Pattadakal is very bad it is currently under the construction as in August 2016. Try to start early morning towards the group of historical monuments because it might get warm after 10 AM. Inside the temple, I saw some local people. Culturally, their dresses were influenced by the Maharashtrian culture.

Other places of interest near Pattadakal is Aihole, another group of historical monuments.

Pattadakal Photos:

Virpaksha temple in Pattadakal extreme right end Pattadakal group of monuments Pattadakal temples Pattadakal

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