How Hiking in Germany is different to Hiking in India


A thought of walking into the woods always excited me and especially, if it’s Germany and amidst the Bavarian forest. So, I was there at Sam’s house near Haroldsberg, Nuremberg in south Germany. We spent some time over there.

One day, I asked him to take me to a nearby hiking place so that I can see what hiking in Germany looked like and how was that different to hiking in India.

So, I looked out for some hiking places around Nuremberg and I found one. We drove to that place. And here is how Hiking is different in Germany than India.

Hiking in Germany vs Hiking in India:

Here are some of the hiking differences that I noticed while hiking in Germany:

  • Hiking in Germany is more organized than hiking in India.
  • You get to see the sign boards everywhere and even at the bifurcations so there are chances of getting lost is very minimal.
  • Hiking has a defined area where you can hike. Out of that area, you cannot hike. And hikers respect that demarcation.
  • While on the other hand, there have been a lot of trekking incidents in south India where a lot of mishaps have happened.
  • On the top, you will see benches to sit and enjoy the view.
  • Other hikers greet you and locals do not disturb you unless and until you do not disturb them.
  • You can drive literally much closer to the hiking spot peak.
  • There will be a parking place as well.
  • Also, there will shops on the top and even the guest houses as well.

Pictures from Small hike near Nuremberg, Germany:

A bench at the hike top Bavarian woods near Nuremberg hike Large agricultural farms near Nuremberg Hiking near Haroldsberg (5) A tractor trail on a hike a village near nuremberg Fallen log in the woods Hiking view while hiking near Nuremberg

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