Dresden Tour with Freie University Berlin International Students


If you want to experience the medieval time architectural beauty of Europe, after Prague and Budapest, Dresden should be the next place, on your list.

It was a tour organized by the international student department office, Freie University, Berlin. The tour was really cost-effective for us because it was very cheap for us because we were students. Dresden is almost two hours of ride from Berlin.

Once we reached Dresden,  it looked more like Berlin but less crowded and newly built. We began roaming around. There are huge church and old buildings in this city and most of the buildings are very fascinating. Suddenly the world of glasses and modern buildings turn into medieval times with pale buildings etc.

I do not have words for Dresden. I am sharing some of the Pictures:

Dresden (12) Dresden (13) Dresden busy street Dresden railway station Dresden old square Dresden (2) A bride going inside a church in Dresden Dresden (3) Dresden (4) Dresden (5) Dresden (10) Dresden (7) Dresden (6) Dresden (11)

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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


The Brandenburg Gate, also known as Brandenburg Tor, is a must see tourist places in Berlin. Brandenburg gate has played a major role in the history of Berlin and Germany.

When the Berlin was divided among four nations after the second world war, Brandenburg gate was then situated near the Berlin wall and it was a gate to cross from East Berlin to the west Berlin.

Best time to visit Brandenburg Gate:

You can visit Brandenburg gate during any time of the day. But if you go there in the evening or the night. There is a carnival kind of feeling you get there. There will be professional photographers who would want you to talk your pictures.

Also, there will be couples roaming around and eating street foods. The best part to see in the Brandenburg gate is the yellow flood light which makes the gate almost shine in the night.

There is no entry fee there. There is also a metro station nearby, you can get down there and walk to the Brandenburg gate.

For more information about this place like visiting hours, entry fee, opening times, nearest metro station, please follow this link on Brandenburg tourism, Berlin.

Brandenburg Images:

Brandenburg gate berlin (1) Brandenburg gate berlin (2) Brandenburg gate berlin (3) Brandenburg gate berlin (4) Brandenburg gate berlin (5) Brandenburg gate berlin (6)