Mount Seymour Hike – All Three Peaks (Pumps)

Mount Seymour hike is one of the most famous hikes near Vancouver. In winter, it becomes the famous ski hills and in the summer, it becomes one of the most beautiful hikes near Vancouver with Panoramic view from the peaks or also called as pumps.

Mount Seymour Hiking Trail Summary

  • Total hiking distance: 9 Km (Roundtrip)
  • Hiking time: Around 5 hours (Roundtrip)
  • Dogs allowed on a leash: Yes
  • Best season to do this hike: July to October
  • Elevation gain: 450 meters (1476 feet)
  • Camping allowed: No
  • Public Transport from Vancouver: No

Mount Seymour Hike in detail

First Lake Trail Junction

Once you reach the parking lot, park your vehicle and start walking towards the ski run. To your left, you will first see Dog mountain trail sign, followed by Mount Seymour hiking trail signboard.

Mount Seymour Hiking Sign board

Mount Seymour Hiking Signboard

Start following the trail. The trail climbs quickly and becomes steeper often. After hiking around 560 meters, you will reach a junction. Take right from the junction. This junction is Dinkey peak loop. If you take left, you go to Dinkey peak, further, you can even up to the Dog Mountain.

Dinkey Peak Loop Sign board at first junction on Mt Seymour Hike

From this point, Dinkey peak is just 280 meters. You can go to the dinkey peak, take some pictures and continue your hike to Mount Seymour. After another hike of around 50 meters, you reach another junction, take right from here too. This junction is the dog mountain junction. The path to the left goes to the Dog Mountain.

Wide Gravel Road & More

Continue on the trail and it opens into a wide gravel road.

Wide gravel path Mount Seymour hike

Wide gravel path Mount Seymour hike

This road is ski run in the winter. After walking for 500 meters on the wide path, another green sign appears with an arrow and distance to Mount Seymour as 3.2 Km.

Mount Seymour 3.2 Km

Mount Seymour 3.2 Km

From here, hike another 240 meters and you will reach another Trail Junction. Take left from there and you will pass by the pool of water. Continue your ascent on the rocky part of the trail.

Brockton Peak

After another 500 meters, you will reach another fork. You can either take left or right at the junction but I would recommend taking a right. Just after 100 meters taking a right, you will cross an open space, kind of a small peak, called Brockton peak.

View from Brockton Peak

View from Brockton Peak

From the peak, hike another 300 meters and you will reach another fork called Elsay Lake fork.

Elsay Lake Fork to First Peak

From the Elsay fork, take left to continue on the mount Seymour hike. To the right will be Elsay lake. From the fork, the first lake is around 500 meters. The trail is steep from the fork to the first peak. The first peak of Mount Seymour is located at the height of 1407 meters/ 4616 feet. The view is panoramic and offers a lot to see on a sunny day.

Between first and second peak

Between the first and second peak

Second peak

From the first peak, the second peak is also around 750 meters. The path is steep and full of rocky terrain and gravels. Keep following the orange markers.

Third Peak

Again from the second peak, the third peak is around 500 meters and section is steep. This peak is also called a mount Seymour peak.

Mount Seymour Hiking Video

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